5 Best Places to visit in Assam

Places to visit in Assam – Assam is one of the “Seven Sisters” states. We all recognize it as a land of aromatic tea which one of the most key factors which defines this paradise. Among the northeastern states, Assam stands out in terms of tourism. The state is well known for its national parks, lush green tea gardens, serene landscape, mouthwatering cuisine and artistic culture. The Brahmaputra river is an integral part of the land that cannot be missed. 

But it has an adventurous side as well. Assam offers numerous adventure sports like River Rafting, Parasailing, Trekking, Hang Gliding and Mountain Climbing. So if you are looking for an adrenaline rush then just go for it. Whoever is enamored of animals then you just can’t stay away for this side of the state. Since it’s home to ample number of national parks, you are sure to find a whopping number of different species.

Assam has lots to offer for almost everyone. Assam is not isolated but still it’s waiting to get explored. Never know you might get mesmerized by it. Here you can see 5 Best Places to visit in Assam 

Places to visit in Assam –

#1 Kaziranga National Park


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It’s the only home to the iconic one-horned rhino. Your visit to Assam is incomplete without visiting Kaziranga National Park. It was declared as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Home to two-thirds of one-horned in this entire planet. Situated in the two districts of Assam, namely Golaghat and Nagaon. The park covers an area of 430 sq km. This diverse wildlife attracts almost millions of tourists every where from across the globe. Look at their popularity!

Apart from Rhinos you will find Swamp Deer, Elephants, Chinese Pangolins, Wild Buffaloes, Royal Bengal Tiger, Sloth Bear and Hoolock gibbon. The place has also been declared as theTiger Reserve since 2007. After the park has recorded one of the highest density of tiger in the country. There are nearly about 478 species of birds like Great Hornbill, Black-Necked Stork, Crimson Sunbird, Black-Breasted Parrotbill, Cranes and Asian Barred Owlet. For safari rides one can opt for SUV, Jeep or Elephants rides which are pretty popular.

It’s not just about wildlife, Kaziranga Elephant Festival takes place every year from 11th to 17th of February. Elephants are groomed and do a catwalk for the spectators. What? Is this for real? They even participate in races and parades. The main aim of the festival is the protection of Asiatic Elephants.

The National Park also consists of a National Orchid and Biodiversity Park. Orchids dominate it with around 500 species of it. Other than Orchids, 132 species of sour and leafy vegetables, 12 species of cane and 46 species of bamboo. Mid-November to early April are the visiting season of this park.

#2 Umananda Island

Umanada island

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Smallest island in the Brahmaputra river located also known as Peacock Island named by the British. There is a temple over here that is dedicated to Lord Shiva. The temple was destroyed in an earthquake in 1897, then later it was renovated. A 10 minute ferry ride from the river banks will take you to the Umananda Island. It is located between North and South Guwahati. It will give you an opportunity to take a break from the city life and get into nature. Motor boats rides are available from 7am to 5pm.

Numerous tourists visit the island to visit the famous Umananda Temple. It is said that the island was created by Lord Shiva and even use to live here with his wife Parvati. Maha Shivatri is one of the most popular festivals celebrated at the island. Umananda Island is the only place in India where Golden Langur are found. These are found in parts of Western Assam and in Northern Bhutan. In winters it’s the best time to visit. The old form of rock-cut figures of Lord Surya, Ganesh and Shiva is a treat to watch such charismatic architecture.

#3 Majuli Island


Credit: Devashri Khandekar

World’s largest river island situated in Brahmaputra river. Majuli island is spread over 452 square km. In Majuli, there are about 22 satras, setup in the 15th century. Some of the popular satras like Dakshipath, Garapur, Auniati and Kamlabari. Each satra is a place of study and prayer for the residing monks. The island consists of about 600 monasteries. Majuli is also known for being the hub of neo-vaishnavite culture.

Majuli Island is near to Jorhat. It is well connected with different means of transportation. From Guwahati you can catch a flight to Jorhat, even from Kolkata flights are available for Jorhat. On the other hand, you can take a ferry ride from Neemati Ghat where two ferry boats are available per day. You can also explore the town in bicycles as that is also an option. There are various spots to hire a rented bicycle. Majuli has also has many beautiful birds.

The main festival of Majuli is Raas Festival which is celebrated for three days and takes place around the full moon night of mid-November, though the exact date changes every year. The main occupation of the island is agriculture, pottery, fishing and weaving. Rice beer can be easily found across the northeast. It’s obvious you will get it here as well. Rice beer is a homemade blend and really cheap. There is an interesting fact about the island which you surely want to know. Majuli didn’t see its first mobile phone until 2009. There are no hotels here, however, only guest houses are there for your service.

#4 Kakochang Waterfalls 


Credit: Amlan ( Places to visit in Assam )

Waterfalls are always spectacular and magnificent. Especially when the crystal clear water gushing from the top and going down to the pond. The waterfall is located about 13km from Bokakhat. You need to do a little trek of 4 km to reach the waterfall. A popular picnic spot almost half an hour drive from Kaziranga National Park. On reaching the waterfalls, you will realise plenty of good views wait for you. 

Tea landscape of Hathkhuli and Methoni can be seen from the waterfall. Ideal time to visit the park is between October to March. During the post monsoon months. Kakochang waterfall has a good connectivity of roads with the other districts of Assam. The nearest airport is at Jorhat.

Trains are also available and the closest train stations of New Rangla and Furkating railway station. Don’t forget to miss out some of nearby places near the Kakochang Waterfall. Places are Nambor Wildlife Sanctuary, Shiv Mandir and Bilvesvar Siva. Tea, coffee and rubber plantations are nearby. So that you enjoy a view of it. A tourist spot which you just can’t disregard it.

#5 Guwahati


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One of the largest cities in Assam because of that people generally think as the capital of the state but it’s not. Considered as “ The Gateway to the Seven Sisters” states. It has a good connectivity with the major cities of the country with a full-fledged airport. Even the roads are well constructed which connects it to the other North Eastern states. Guwahati is a blend of history and modern day culture. The city is home to many temples like Kamakhya Temple, Umananda Temple and Bhuvaneshwari Temple.

Taking a tour to Assam State Museum is a must. It introduces you to the local history and culture through its unique historical sculptures. Similarly you can check out Guwahati Planetarium and Nehru Park. If you are enthusiastic wildlife junkie then Guwahati Zoo or Assam Zoo is a perfect place for you. Home to about 895 animals, among those are Clouded leopard, Himalayan black bear, Cassowary, One-horned rhino and barking deer. This can be a surprise element for you. 

Guwahati offers you to spend some quality time with your loved once at Alfresco Grand Cruise on the magnificent Brahmaputra river. On board for some live music, fun activities and some appetizing food will make your cruise trip a memorable one.

Assam is blessed with plenty of wonderful festivals. So if you are in Guwahati then you must take part in Bihu festival, one of the most popular festivals in Assam. It is celebrated in all parts of Assam and by all of its people, regardless of castes or religions. Even tourists are welcome to join in the festivities. Don’t you dare miss it.

The best time to visit Guwahati is from October to April. During the month of May and September the city experiences annual rainfall of 180 cm. During Summers the temperatures goes up to 22 to 38C.


If you want to take a breather from your hustle and bustle city life. Then it can’t be a better place than Assam. There are many other places which you can go to during your visit. Although, safety concerns can be hurdle due to Maoist activities. At times, one should be careful while roaming around in Assam. Many people visit Assam to experience and discover serenity. Eventually they fall in love with it.

Assam is truly blessed with a variety of Places to visit in Assam and activities. Whether you talk about adventure sports or national parks or religious places, Assam has everything. As comparison to other places in the country, you not might get a nightlife or shopping in malls but you would get close to nature. There are private resorts that offer cottages and dormitories with basic facilities. So the time has arrived when you need to plan a tour to Assam and fell in love with it completely.

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