3 Best Places to Spend New Year’s in Europe

Places to Spend New Year’s in Europe – Europe, the most beautiful continent of the world! Yes, definitely all the continents are beautiful and have something unique about them but Europe just tops the charts. Universe has definitely been partial with Europe in creating a year round romantic atmosphere. Europe has also been nature’s favourite as well. There actually is no best time to be there in Europe in fact any time you visit Europe, it is fabulous. But, if we had to choose one time of the year to visit Europe, it would be during the New Years.

New Years is the most looked forward time of the year where everyone is expected to have great parties and welcome the New Years with lots of enthusiasm and positive energies. For the people who would love to travel and invest money in good experiences, planning a trip to Europe would be the best. Some of the best places to celebrate New Years in Europe are mentioned below. Though we strongly believe that Europe is so stunning and apt for the New Years party that putting only three destinations for this blog would be unfair, but we are bringing the best of the best in these 3 places. 

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Places to Spend New Year’s in Europe

Places to Spend New Year’s in Europe

Berlin, Paris, Spain, Brussels, Vienna, Rome, Dubrovnik, Prague, Copenhagen, etc are some of the European countries that look the most lit during this time of the year. But, you name it and you will find that each of the European countries have insane vibes during this time. Unique thing about New Years in Europe is that the travellers would get to see the local culture, how the locals party, and also learn about the serious New Year and Christmas rituals that happen in the continent over there. 

Here are some of the best places to celebrate New Years in Europe. You may want to book a trip to any of these places post knowing about the celebration of the countries, so we would like to tell you that lots of research, enough information, and pre booking of everything can make your trip a lot better. The time is now. 

3 Best Places to Spend New Year’s in Europe

#1 London


Just imagine the setting we are describing here! It is the New Years eve, it is snow all over, the entire city is decorated with Christmas and New Year’s feels, you are dressed in an overcoat, snowfall is happening, the city is lit with fairy lights all over, music is being played throughout, and there are tonnes of cake shops waiting for you to indulge in sweet surprises, and finally hit it off at night at a club to welcome the New Years.

Wouldn’t you be at London then? More than 3 lakh people surround near the river Thames to welcome the New Years with Big Ben performing the countdown that is followed by spectacular fireworks and lightning. The river and the sky of London is lit in the best way during this time of the year. London provides free public transport throughout the night on the New Year’s Eve for making it easy for the public. 

The New Year’s day is all about watching the parade and has the procession of the Queen’s horse amongst the others. There are more than 5,000 performers in this parade representing 20 countries worldwide including the marching bands, cheerleaders, acrobats, clowns, and so many more performers. 

New Year’s and Christmas are the best celebrated in their actual aura in London. Also, this could be subjected to personal choice but London is amazing. 

Places to Visit in London

  • River Thames
  • Big Ben
  • Soiree at the London sky bar
  • Winter wonderland at the Hyde Park
  • Hogmanay
  • London bridge
  • Victoria House basement

Things to Do in London

  • Attend the New Years parade
  • Watch the Queen’s horse procession on the parade day
  • Spend the New Year’s Eve by the river Thames and Big Ben
  • Enjoy the views of the lighting and fireworks from the London bridge 
  • For celebrations, visit the Soiree at the London sky bar
  • Visit the Winter Wonderland at the Hyde Park 
  • Visit Hogmanay
  • Attend the Victoria house basement retro theme party

Highlight of the New Year’s 

The fireworks by the river Thames and Big Ben along with the New Year’s day parade are the main highlights of the New Years in London. Do not miss this sight when in London. 

#2 Ibiza


Ibiza is known worldwide as the party capital. No parties ever can match the type of parties Ibiza hosts. Also, Ibiza happens to be one of the best places to celebrate New Years in Europe. This Spanish, one of the Balearic islands are in the Mediterranean sea is known worldwide for the dazzling nightlife of Ibiza town and Sant Antoni. The quaint villages and yoga retreats display the other side of Ibiza but for New Years, it is great to stick to the party side of Ibiza town.

There are a lot of hotels, clubs, pubs, and bars in the town to have the best New Years Eve. There are enough lovely beaches in the town and during the New Years a lot of the International DJs visit the place to play the best music for the people. 

Ibiza tourism is high during the summers and quite lowkey during the winters. There are huge celebrations in the New years time but there is low key celebration during the Christmas time. One can enjoy the vibe and the presence of the crazy traditions in Ibiza, enjoy the fireworks, stay the villas and relax in the holidays, explore the exotic island, and eat crazy food throughout. 

The best season to explore Ibiza is the summer because the parties are the best during the summers. From the months of late May to October are the best for the parties and enjoying unlimited fun. During this season, trying hands on some of the water sports like wind surfing, sling shots, fly boarding, is also possible. And the best seafood season to enjoy in Ibiza is also during this time. Winters is not the peak tourism season in Ibiza. 

Places to Visit in Ibiza

  • Heart Ibiza
  • Atzara
  • Pacha
  • Project social

Things to Do in Ibiza

  • Go for a magical at Heart Ibiza
  • Enjoy the dinner and celebration at Atzara
  • Attend a cabaret show with a special dinner at Pacha
  • Welcome the New Years in the melon bomb style
  • Have a cocktail night at Project social 

Highlight of the New Year’s 

The parties at various beaches and also the fireworks are the major highlight of the place during the New Years. 

#3 Madeira Islands

Madeira Islands

The beautiful Madeira islands is in Portugal, the crazy beautiful country. It is basically an archipelago that consists of 4 islands. The island is known for its warmth and the subtropical climate. Madeira Island is a beautiful island with green and rugged, high cliffs, volcanic, and pebbly beaches. The settlements of the islands are on the Deltas of the river Faja. If you are wondering about having a soulful party of the New years in the middle of the beautiful nature then head to Madeira islands.

The beach parties are the most lit parties ever and that too on Madeira Islands, it is simple out of the world. Funchal is the capital city of the islands that hosts great parties which is known for the explicit fireworks. 

The amphitheatre in Funchal is decorated with thousands of multi coloured lamps and the entire setting looks impeccable. As the time hits 12 at night then the entire sky is lit with light, hope, and colour. It is such a beautiful sight to witness. The Guinness World Records has recorded the fireworks as the largest display of fireworks in the whole world. Be it at the port of Funchal or from the deck of the cruise ship, this sight is visible. The best time to visit Madeira islands is from the months of April to November.

The monsoons are not the best season to be here. And of course, to witness the greatest fireworks of the world, New Year is the best time. 

Places to Visit in Madeira islands

  • Capital city Funchal
  • Municipal Baltazar Dias theatre
  • Sao Silvestre
  • Se Cathedral
  • Sao Lourenco palace
  • Avenida Arriaga

Things to Do in Madeira islands

  • Attend the beach party
  • Attend the cruise ship celebrations
  • Witness the largest fireworks of the world in Funchal 
  • Enjoy the live music performed at Avenida Arriaga
  • Enjoy the concert of classical music at the gardens of Sao Lourenco palace 
  • Attend the festival of Christmas Choirs by Orfeao Madeirense at Se Cathedral
  • Visit the Municipal Baltazar Dias theatre to attend the traditional New Year’s concert by the classical orchestra of Madeira
  • Attend the Sao Silvestre Marathon

Highlight of the New Year’s 

The fireworks in Funchal are the top rated highlight of the islands. The cruise ship is also a great for enjoying the party of the year. 


New Year’s are meant to be spent in a celebratory way and when you are in Europe or have decided for a holiday in the continent, these are the best places for it. The vibe of Europe along with these and other countries is so gorgeous that celebrating New Year’s here would always remain with you. London during Christmas and New Years eve is unreal whereas the Ibiza, the party capital of the world is totally ready to welcome the party people for the biggest party of the year. And Madeira islands calls for a great beach party at the time of the sunset. Yes, it is officially time for planning a trip and heading out finally. 

Are you ready to celebrate New Year’s Eve in these European cities? We bet you are!

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