10 Exciting Outbound Training Activities for your Team

Outbound Training Activities refers to the various activities undertaken to motivate the team members and increase the overall performance of the team. You just can’t expect your team to perform on their own. A motivating factor is a must. Team Building activities consist of various tasks undertaken to groom a team member, motivate him and make him perform his best.

Outbound Training

A pertinent question which comes naturally to the mind is how to keep them engaged during the team outing. If this is the question which is keeping you worried, then you are at the right place.

You no longer need the repeat those predictable and boring games like balloon fighting or lemon race in your outings anymore. In this article we present a curated list of team building activities you can choose from. What’s more, you can even fine tune them further so that they take the flavor of your corporate objective.

All these below listed activities are not just a way of having fun with each other but also aims at developing below skills which are absolute must haves in a team:

  • Communication
  • Leadership
  • Problem Solving
  • Teamwork
  • Motivation
  • Delegation
  • Coordination
  • Planning
  • Resource utilization
  • Time management

Activity 1: Tent Pitching

The game is what it means literally, that is, setting up a tent. Tent pitching is not just a great game but a good life skill also. The game becomes even more exciting when it’s played as team challenge and the team members are blindfolded.


Outbound Training

Whichever team is able to coordinate well within a given time frame and comes with a near perfect tent, takes the prize.

Activity 2: Tower Building

This is again a very simple game with a straight forward objective. Each of the teams is given a fixed quantity of office supplies like paper cups, cards, sticks etc. and whichever team is able to build the tallest tower in the given amount of time is adjudged as winner.


The key to winning this game is problem solving ability and resource management. One big reason to include this game is that the supplies are very easy to arrange.

Activity 3: Pipes and Marbles


Outbound Training

This is an interesting challenge where the team members have to plan, coordinate and communicate with each other well enough to transport a number of marbles from the start line to the box/container at the finish line.

Sounds simple, right? You bet it’s not, since the team members are not allowed to use their hands at all. Instead, they must only use the PVC pipes which are provided to them as a means to transport the marbles.

Activity 4: Painting


Outbound Training

Painting, a team activity? Yes, you read that right. Group painting sessions not only help bring out creativity but also helps people socialize with each other in a relaxed setting. It acts as a big stress buster too; a swipe of colors across the canvas can be very therapeutic.

Activity 5: Scavenger Hunt

This is a pretty popular outdoor activity where people are divided into multiple teams and they compete against each other in completing a set of activities/tasks in a given time frame.


Outbound Training

For e.g. one task could be taking a selfie with a stranger, finding any object in a specific color, uncovering a hidden treasure etc. These game help in developing a good competitive spirit within the different teams.

Activity 6: Perfect Square

Each team member is given a piece of rope in their hands and are made to stand forming a circle. They should then keep their ropes on the floor and when ready, they are asked to step a few steps back from where they were.


They should now come forward to create a perfect square with the rope pieces and they have to do this while being blindfolded.

Activity 7: Mine Field


This game is played in pairs. Each pair has one person as a guide and one person blindfolded. The guide has to lead the blindfolded partner through a difficult route without stepping on the landmines. The landmines are nothing but objects like bottles, papers, cans spread out in a random fashion to create obstructions in the path.

Activity 8: Egg Drop 


Each team is supposed to come up with a setup/ contraption with the provided supplies which will prevent an egg falling from a height from breaking down. Obviously, there would be a time limit within which they have make their setup ready. This activity will help foster creative problem solving and lateral thinking.

Activity 9: Pictionary

This is again one of the most enjoyed and widely played corporate game. One member from the team has to come forward to draw an object or a phrase on a white board and rest of the team has to guess it based on the drawing itself. A great way to stimulate creativity.

Activity 10: Three islands

The players imagine themselves to be stranded on three different islands as teams and they have to ensure their survival (until they are rescued) with limited supplies of some essentials items given to them. Cooperation and coordination are the keys to winning this game.


Now since we have given you the activity list to choose from, you are almost ready to organize the perfect team outing which your team is looking forward to. Don’t wait anymore, book a team outing right away.

So let’s make a plan for new & exciting things to do with your team.

If you have any other query related to team bonding, which is not resolved by this article then put a comment below.

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