Milam Glacier – A land of snowy blanket.

Milam Glacier – A land of a snowy blanket

Milam glacier Trek

Milam glacier Trek

  • Trek Difficulty —  Moderate
  • Highest Elevation — 13612 ft.
  • Trek Duration – 12 days
  • Trek Distance – 116 km
  • Region — Uttarakhand
  • Base Camp — Munsyari
  • Nearest Bus Stand – Kukuchina 
  • Nearest Airport – Pant Nagar
  • Best time to do – Mid March to May. You can visit in June, September, and October also but the monsoon tests the trekkers to get through making it tough.

Welcome trek buffs! You might be among those who scrutinize their head to plan their next trip to some exotic and thrilling locations. The Milam Glacier trek is the one. It showers its warm gesture by surrounding you in a white snowy blanket. 

The Milam Glacier makes up the river Goriganga which originates from the eastern slope of Tirsuli and the southern slope of Kohli. 

Trek passage encounters a lush green alpine meadow ornamenting with beautiful flowers and a flawless blue sky with breathtaking beauty. It is a mesmerizing journey.

Milam glacier Trek

Milam glacier Trek


Being at the top has always been a winner’s choice. The Milam trek doesn’t ease you off anytime. As soon as one starts its journey, the trekker is already blessed with nature’s jugglery. The farther you see, the more your eyes get satiated. This is an escape from the hectic world to relax your mind and get your body to work. The Himalayan Ranges stand stout in winters and melt softly and slowly when the sun kisses the sharp pointing altitudes. On this trek, you will see the magnificent peaks of Nanda Devi(7816m) and hardeol peaks(7151m).

When you walk through the rugged terrains, the cloudy and misty entrenchment awaits you to walk over it and touch it. But hold on, you don’t have to sheer away in its gauzy appearance. This may be an alluring trick of our mother earth. Instead, you can cherish the moments to unfold memories when you are back at home.

Exciting enough! Right?

Hold your beats to embellish a worth remembering trek with a solo walk or a group walk through villages, forests, wooden bridges, waterfalls, and the satisfying weather.  

Milam glacier Trek

Milam glacier Trek

Milam Glacier Trek – Short Itinerary:

Day 1Delhi – Haldwani – Pithoragarh; Bus from Anand vihar takes directly to Pithoragarh. Tea and snacks break in between. You can enjoy the night travel on a window seat and sleep comfortably.

Day 2 – Pithoragarh – Munsyari; Private taxi or public taxi drops you from Pithoragarh to Munsyari. You can set up your basecamp there and relax that night.

Day 3 – Munsyari – Lilam; 14 km (approx…) trek. The easy beginning fills in sparkling energy.

Day 4 – Lilam – Bogudiyar; 2 km trek gives you the feel of crest and trough of altitudes.

Day 5 – Bogudiyar – Rilkot; 12 km trek takes you to a moderate level. You may find ice streams and astonishing views.

Day 6 – Rilkot – Martoli – Milam Village; 16 km trek starts after a refreshing sunrise view and healthy breakfast. You can witness the serenity of the nature above sea level.

Day 7 – Milam Village – Milam Glacier – Milam Village; 6km trek enchantingly pushes you to play with snowballs.

Day 8 You will end up your one side trekking journey and return to the footsteps you followed to Rilkot.

Day 9 – The trek of 12 Km will again start from Rilkot to Bogudiyar. You get a chance to revisit the beautiful scenes there.

Day 10 – This 2 km journey from Bogudiyar to Lilam is tiring yet refreshing that you will not spot elsewhere. 

Day 11 – The last 14 km trek journey from Lilam lands you at your base camp, Munsyari.

Day 12 – Get a car booked from Munsyari to Pithoragarh.

Day 13 – It’s time to depart from Pithoragarh and pile up your records of the experiences and instinct happiness till you reach the final destination, Delhi. 

Milam glacier Trek – Detailed Itinerary

Milam glacier Trek

Milam glacier Trek

Day 1:

  • Driving distance: 487 km (approx.)
  • Travel time: 12 hrs.
  • Pickup Point – Anand Vihar bus stand, New Delhi 

The buses from Delhi depart in the evening that directly drops you to Pithoragarh district the next day. It stops at some Dhabas, where you can sip a cup of tea or coffee and feed yourself. You might pass your day 1 by sleeping and listening to your favorite music at night and sleep adjusting your sitting position.

Day 2

  • Driving distance: 182 km
  • Travel time: 4 hrs.
  • Pickup Point: Pithoragarh
  • The traveler won’t find time to rest at the Pithoragarh district. You may need to rush for Munsyari to reach as early as possible to set up your base camp. This can be a headache but you’re not going to regret this.

Day 3

  • Trek distance: 14 Km.
  • Trek duration: 6hrs.

Wake up early for refreshing and livelier chores of birds and the rise of the beautiful sun with a hot tea. Get done with your breakfast and head out to Seolikote, the trek for Milam starts from there only. 

This trek is enjoyable as it is a declined way for 3 km. and the river Goriganga accompanies you alongside. Intense forests and alfresco intensifies the charm and provides you with various photoshoot spots.

In the end, the crested way takes you to an altitude of 1850 m above sea level that lands you at Lilam. Spend the night there.

Milam glacier Trek

Milam glacier Trek

Day 4

  • Trek distance: 2 Km
  • Trek duration: 4 hrs.

Watching shepherds with their sheep on the trek way makes you feel local and connected. Behold the scenery for an hour or so. Climbing up to a rigid mountain to an elevation of 2500 m above sea level offers you a room at Bogudiyar. The next trek is quite long, so, you need to spend the night there and rest.  

Milam glacier Trek

Milam glacier Trek

Day 5

  • Trek distance: 12 Km
  • Trek duration: 7 hrs.

The journey from Bogudiyar is quite enthusiastic and nature offers you worth remembering, never seen before fascinating views like frozen waterfalls, granite rock faces, and many more. At an altitude of 3130 m, you will find yourself at Rilkot. It’s a beautiful spot known for camping. The rest of the time can be utilized by deviating to Laspa village and northern glacier of Nandkot.

Milam glacier Trek

Milam glacier Trek

Day 6

  • Trek distance: 16 Km
  • Trek duration: 7-8 hrs.

The trek starts from Rilkot to Martoli. Before reaching Martoli, a climb of 7 km awaits for you. The way is partitioned into two directions. Proceed with the downward route. Rilkot village depicts its distortion. The way leads you to Burfu which is the mid-point of Milam after crossing the river via a wooden bridge.

Few more kilometers land you at the Milam village, the last village of the trek. Relax your body overnight.

Milam glacier Trek

Milam glacier Trek Image – Source

Day 7

  • Trek distance: 6 km
  • Trek duration: 3 hrs.

The early morning views fill in the positive vibes of the Milam village. You have to keep up the enthusiasm and patience to encounter breathtaking offerings by nature. The glacier is waiting there to bless you in its icy kingdom which is 13612 ft. above sea level. Without blinking, the great Himalayan peaks admire your victory on the seventh sky.

The scenic captivating moments can be captured here and take a heave of sigh! On the same day, head back to Milam village through the rugged terrains.

Milam glacier Trek

Milam glacier Trek

Day 8

  • Trek distance: 16 Km
  • Trek duration: 7 hours

The cool breeze from glaciers tries to hold your steps to stay there but with your fists clenched, you just have to walk away patiently and reach Rilkot.

This won’t be just a 16 km trek, instead, a period to collect and create memories as much as possible. Sometimes solitude helps you connect with yourself. 

Milam glacier Trek

Milam glacier Trek

Day 9  

  • Trek distance: 12 Km 
  • Trek duration: 7 hours

With the human hindrance on a 12 km distance from Rilkot to Bogudiyar, you may find assistance on the history of Milam trek and remote areas. Undoubtedly, it unveils many interesting facts about the location.

Milam glacier Trek

Milam glacier Trek

Day 10  

  • Trek distance: 2 Km
  • Trek duration: 4 hours

You should keep rewinding your captures of livelier creatures and creativity by your eyes throughout the short trek from Bogudiyar to Lilam. Go get the hands-on fun among sheep’s group and get acquainted with the art of grazing sheep. 

Day 11

  • Trek distance: 14 Km
  • Trek duration: 6 hours

This will be your last walk of the trek from Lilam to Munsyari. Be calm and enjoy the soothing moments that add up in your life.

Milam glacier Trek

Milam glacier Trek

Day 12

On the basecamp site, pack up your belongings carefully and say bye to such amazing and stunning land which offered a blissful journey. It’s time, way back home tracing the footsteps. 

You would like to postpone your departure but you will carry the treasure of memories to unveil among peer groups.

You reach Delhi station or airport on the next day peacefully.


How to reach Milam Glacier?

By road: From New Delhi, take a bus to Pithoragarh. You can book a taxi to Munsyari, which is your base camp. 

By train: There are trains from Delhi to Kathgodam. Enquire according to your convenient time. Look for buses or taxi to Pithoragarh and again a taxi to Munsyari.

By Air: The nearest airport is Pant Nagar airport. You can board on a flight from Delhi airport to Pant Nagar and can book a taxi.

ATM and Mobile Connectivity

The last ATM is at Munsyari so Withdraw cash accordingly. 

Coming to connectivity, not many networks function after the base camp area, but the BSNL network may lead here and work till half (or less) of your trekking journey.




This is surely one of treks with some majestic views of great Himalayan Peaks. So what are you waiting for, plan a trek to Milam Glacier with your family or friends and create some amazing memories. Stay Safe, Travel Safer!

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