Mallets, Horses & Excitement! The game we know as Polo

The Sport of Kings, as it was famously known, Polo was played by ancient kings in parts of Asia when they needed some recreational activity along with some excitement after a long day at the office.

This horseback game of the niche evolved over the years, spanning its roots throughout the globe and went on to become an Olympic sport but was later removed. Polo involves high level of determination, understanding and a rapport with your horse. This being said, It is a wonderful game with having its set of distinctive features.

Every sport has its own set of benefits and Polo is no less and here are some of the advantages of playing Polo, so get cracking and see if you are persuaded to take up this wonderful game.

Horses, Mallets - The game of Polo

  1. Physical Benefits – It has numerous health benefits. Since you need full focus and two-way concentration, it improves the coordination and the motor-function. It is one of the great forms of exercises and improves the cardiovascular rate and muscle contractions as well.
  2. Emotional Benefits – The relationship between you and your horse is very important. You cannot simply rash ride your horse. You need to connect with it mentally and emotionally. This bond makes the horse trust you and improves the game.
  3. Mental Benefits – The basic thing you need to learn in the Polo sport is the coordination between riding the horse and playing the game. Riding the horse in the large open space gives your brain a good exercise. It is also a great stress reliever and stress buster.
  4. Calorie Burner – Most of us exercise and do workouts for burning calories. Hence Polo can be a great sport to burn calories and stay fit.
  5. Body Strength – Riding the horse and playing the sport increases your upper body strength. The basic exercises which one does in the gym like uplifting, pulling and more can be compensated only with a single game of Polo.
  6. Adrenaline Rush – You must be thinking that how can this be a benefit. But high adrenaline rush in your blood after riding the horse at full speed enables your liver to break down glycogen and supply the body with fuel. This occurs only when your muscles are running low on fuel and sudden demand of energy is required in emergency situations.
  7. Outdoor Activity – Polo is an outdoor sport and playing and exercising outdoors is the best thing for the mind, body and the soul. It improves the immune system and exposes your body to sunlight and air which have their own benefits.

Do give this game a try, it’s not very often that you club horse riding with any activity so engaging.   

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