Long Weekends in 2019 – It is going to be a New Year in a week now and the fact is hard to digest. I mean where did this year go by? The year went so fast that all of us had some excuses for not being able to do our certain work. A lot of us did not get the time to lose weight or a lot of us did not get the time to travel. But, the year 2019 is going to be a travel year for all the travel enthusiasts. We are having 19 long weekends in 2019 and it is crazy. We are bringing the list of 15 long weekends and the best place to travel to during that time. Long Weekends in 2019 – 

Long Weekends in 2019 Togedr Suggestion:

Make plans a month before so that none of these are wasted.


You may need to take a few days off to match the flow of long weekends. Also, we are assuming that Saturdays are non working days for you. Otherwise, you will need to plan a day off on Saturdays as well.

#1. January

From 11thto 14th where in you will have to take a leave on 11ththat is Friday. You will have four days in hand.

Places to Visit:

Bikaner for Bikaner Camel Fair, Skiing trip to Auli, Rann of Kutch for Rann festival.

#2. February

From 16thto 19th where in you have to take a leave on 18th that is Monday. The 19th is Shivaji Maharaj Jayanti and there is aoff in Maharashtra state.

Places to Visit

Trekking in Kodaikanal, Skiing in Gulmarg, Sula Vineyards for Sula Fest in Nashik, Coorg for a trek, Lakshad weep for beach vacation.

#3. March

From 1st to4th where in you have to take a leave on 1st that isFriday. 4th is a Mahashivratri holiday.

The next long weekend in March is from 21st to 24th. 21st is Holi and you will have to take a leave on 22nd.

Places to Visit

Wildlife safari inRanthambore National Park, Hampi trek, Getaways in Mount Abu, Sikkim, and Ooty.

#4. April

From 17th to21st where in 17th is a Mahavir Jayanti holiday. You will have to take a day off on 18th and thenagain 19th is a Good Friday holiday.

Places to Visit

Leisure trip to Dalhousie and Jammu & Kashmir.

#5. May

From 1st to 5th.1st is a Labour day holiday and then you have to take a leave on 2nd and 3rd to have a perfect 5 day holiday.

Places to Visit

Trek to Spiti valley,paragliding to Bir Billing, and a trip to Cherrapunjee.

#6. June

From 5th to 9th.Here you have to take a 2 day consecutive leave from 6th and 7th to have a 5 day long weekend. 5th is a holiday for Id ul Fitr.

Places to Visit

Adventure trip to BirBilling and Dharamshala & Mcleodgunj.

#7. July

There are no long weekend in July, so unfortunately no long holidays for this month on the cards. We suggest you to work all days so that taking leaves would be easy.

Places to Visit

Visit the Chitrakoot Falls in Bastar and Backwaters trip to Kerela.

#8. August

From 10th to18th. Now, this one is a week long holiday andto make it possible you have to take a leave for 3 days and that is for 13th,14th, and 16th. 12th is Bakri-id and 15this an Independence day holiday.

Carrying forward the other long weekend of August to September!

Places to Visit

A trek to the Valley ofFlowers in Uttarakhand, nature trip to Cherrapunjee, and a leisure trip to Mangalore.

#9. September

From 31st August to 2nd September. 2nd September is a Ganesh Chaturthi holiday. You don’t need to take any leave andyou can simply enjoy a 3 day long leave.

Places to Visit

Trekking in Tarkarli, beach trekking and sun bathing in Daman along with camel riding and enjoying water sports, trekking to Kalimpong which is a hill station in West Bengal.

#10. October

From 2nd to 8th and you have to take a leave on 3rd and 4th. 2nd October is a Gandhi Jayanti leave. 7th is Ayudha puja and holiday in Karnataka state and 8th is a Dussehra leave.

Places to Visit

Trekking in Kullu, whitewater river rafting in Rishikesh, wildlife safari in Assam, a heritage trip to Jodhpur.

#11. November

There can be 3 long weekends in November. The first one is from 1st to 3rd where in 1st is a Kannada Rajyothsava regional holiday.

The next long weekend is of 4 days from 9th to 12th. You have to take a leave on 11th and 12th is a Guru Nanak Jayanti holiday.

The third long weekend is from 23rd to 26th. You have to take a leave on 25th and 26th is a Narak Chaturdashi holiday in Karnataka only.

Places to Visit

Pushkar Fair inRajasthan, bird safari in Bharatpur, a trip to Sunderbans, and a leisure tripand trek to Manali.

#12. December

From 25th to 29th. Again you have to take a 2 day consecutive leave on 26th and 27th. 25th is a Christmas holiday.

Places to Visit

Visit Goa, Nepal, and Kerela.

Are you up for travelling your heart out on all or at least most of these long weekends? Be a smart traveller and try to make the most of these holidays. Work hard and travel harder!

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