Lohagad Trek | Best Monsoon Trek near Pune

Monsoon brings greenery and a sense of freshness everywhere. The onset of monsoon is the best time for trekking.

Out of the countless trekking destination in Maharashtra, Lohagad Fort trek (near Lonavala) is one of the best trekking destinations in Pune.

The pleasant climate of this picturesque location will melt your heart. A perfect weekend gateway from your monotonous routine.

About Lohagad Trek

Lohagad (Iron Fort) is one of the historic Fort in Maharashtra. Lohagad is a renowned monsoon trekking destination for the people of Mumbai and Pune.

Lohagad is situated at 52 km from Pune and 115 km from Mumbai. A trek to Lohagad is an easy one day trek.

Lohagad has been ruled by various dynasties like Marathas, Nizams and many more; at different times.

The four giant gates of Lohagad, namely Narayan Darwaza, Ganesh Darwaza, Hanuman Darwaza and Maha Darwaza; are still intact and in good condition.


Lohagad is a piece of Western Ghats, situated at an altitude of 1033 m above the sea level. Usually, trek to the Lohagad starts from the Malavli Town.

From Malavli the total trekking distance is 9 km, which takes 2-3 hours of trekking.

But, you can drive up to Lohagadwadi village. From here, there are around 500 steps to Lohagad Fort.

Lohagad trek provides an amazing view of Indrayani basin and Pawna Lake on its either side.


The trek passes through the ancient Bhaja caves.

The trail passes through the mesmerising views of lush green meadows, mini waterfalls; and various species of birds and insects.

During monsoon, the top is covered with mist and floating clouds. You get the breathtaking view of ranges from the top of Lohagad.

The hill extends to a point called “scorpion’s tail” because of its resemblance.


The trek can be continued to Visapur Fort which is connected by a small range.

Location and how to reach

Lohagad hill station is few kilometres away from Mumbai and Pune. Lohagad can be reached by the following modes of transport:

By Air: The Pune International Airport is the closest airport. It is located at a distance of 55kms from Lohagad which takes around 2hrs of a drive on the Mumbai-Pune Highway.

By Train: The nearest railway station is Malavli. It is just 6kms away from Lohagad Fort. Lonavala is another major railway station near Lohagad. It is 12kms away from Lohagad Fort.

By Road: Lohagad is accessible by road. Just follow the Mumbai-Pune Highway to reach the place.

Difficulty Level

Lohagad trek is an easy trek, which can be opted by the first-timers.


Though it is not a simple walk, it is climbing up the Fort but it can be conquered with a little bit of stamina and will-power.

Connectivity and ATMs

There are various ATMs on the way to Lohagad trek. Malavli is the last place where you will find ATM. There are HDFC, Axis Bank, ICICI and many other ATM available in Malavli Town.

In Lohagad, you won’t get good mobile coverage for all the mobile networks. It would be better to ring your family from Malavi.

Best Season for Lohagad Trek

Monsoon is the best season for the Lohagad trek. During this season the trek is on the lush green moss carpet.


You get the opportunity to hang out with the floating clouds. The pleasant monsoon weather does not let you exhaust easily.

How to prepare for this trek?

Lohagad trek is an easy to moderate trek that can be done by anyone and it is meant for the newbies. A few preparations and you are ready for the trek.

  • Physical fitness: No special training and gearbox are required for Lohagad trek, but one should be physically fit to embark on this journey. The fitter you are the better you enjoy.
  • Exercise and walk: You need to have good stamina for trekking. Regular walk along with some cardiovascular exercises increases your stamina required for the trek. Try to walk carrying your bag or some weight since while trekking to Lohagad you will be carrying your backpack.
  • Fuel your body: Cultivate a habit of eating ‘on the go’. This will help your digestive system to digest food while walking providing the instant energy required for trekking.

Things to Carry

Following are the list of items which should be carried personally:

  • Rucksack which will contain all your belongings.
  • Sunglasses
  • Good trekking shoes is an essential part of trekking.
  • Walking stick, it will boost your trekking speed.
  • A Water-bottle is utmost important for the trek.
  • Hat or cap
  • Ready to eat food
  • Medicines if you are suffering from any allergy or you are on any medication.
  • Poncho and torch
  • Personal utility products like moisturizer, hand sanitizer, sunscreen, lip balm, etc.

Necessary Trekking Gear

  • Shoes: Shoes play a major role to conquer any trek. Do proper investment while selecting shoes. Shoes with proper size and ankle protection should be bought. Shoes of correct size avoid blisters formation on the trek. While a wrong shoe can hamper your trek.
  • Walking poles: It is another important thing on a trek. It boosts your trekking speed.
  • Daypack: You will be carrying a backpack which contains all your essentials throughout the trek. Try to keep your daypack as light as possible, this will speed up your trekking.
  • Sunglasses: Sunglasses is also important while going on a trek.
  • First Aid: Carry your own first aid kit. In case of emergency, it will be of great help.
  • Map: Carry your Lohagad trekking map. A map will help you to trek the destination in case you miss your group or you alone planning to go on trekking.

Where can I rent Trekking Equipment?

There are various shops available to rent trekking equipment across Mumbai and Pune. The people going for Lohagad trek either carry their own trekking equipment or rent the trekking equipment from shops or online stores.


You can also rent trekking equipment from these websites:







What will be the total expense?

Lohagad trek is a cheap one day trek which does not require any high budget. It is accessible by the local trains of Mumbai and Pune.

The average total expense for the Lohagad trek is around 1100/- per head (including meals and sightseeing).

How good is Lohagad trek for a solo travel plan?

Lohagad trek is an easy and one day trek that can be done solo. You just need to be alert and follow the instructions given by the guide or the villagers.


Hope you got the glimpse of Lohagad trek. Just go, explore this historical monument and enjoy the exquisite trek to Lohagad.

I am sure this will be your one of the best trekking experience ever.

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If you have explored Lohagad trek, share your experience.

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