Ladakh – Heaven up North

When we think of desserts, we often visualize barren lands, roads less travelled; and life in the shades of yellow and orange. But seldom have we called a dessert a magical land with unmatched beauty and liveliness. When it comes to speaking of Ladakh, we proudly say every such thing.

 Such is the grace and allure of Ladakh that travellers across the world have from time to time have visited this place may come what.  Ladakh is simply beautiful. It is indeed a paradise for when you reach there and notice the scenery and the aura around, it will feel surreal.

Not only for the destination, but Ladakh is famous amongst bikers for its yet extraordinary journey. Riding your way till Ladakh can be proven life-changing for you get to spend so much time with yourself that maybe somewhere down the line, your thoughts would choose to all challenging sign.

If you take a train or a flight, you might reach faster, but you will reach empty-minded. The road journey will fill you up and let you connect with nature. After all, at the end of the day, everything is about nature.

How to Reach?

Start your bike trip from Manali. You can reach Manali via Delhi or Chandigarh. Before you start your journey, make sure your bike is in a good condition on the road to Leh gives a very tough time to bikers. From Manali, start riding towards Rohtang Pass which will be 3978 metres away. Further, you drive through the frozen view of Lahaul Valley proceeding towards Jispa.

The distance between Manali and Jispa is around 150 km. Now entering the Himalayan gallery, reach Sarchu ( 120 km), which marks the border between Kashmir and Himachal.  Now, from Sarchu start driving towards Leh.

The journey will get tougher but way more thrilling than before. You will pass through Tanglang-La Pass, which is the second-highest motor able mountain pass in the world resting at a height of 5300 metres. Next stop is Leh Ladakh itself. As much as you would wish that the journey shouldn’t have ended, Ladakh’s captivating view will make you look forward to a tour around the place.

Camping Togedr

Best time to take a bike trip to Leh?

The best time to take a bike trip to Leh is during the summer season. The place becomes warmer and bearable and people across the country prefer to this season for a trip to Ladakh. Between the months of April and mid-May, the lakes start melting thus offering the view you went for.

The months of June and July witness sunny days and a perfect weather for moving around the place.  The monsoon months of August to mid-September are not at all suitable since the weather is harsh and the roads are slippery, thus risky. The offset of monsoon and the beginning of winters is also a very good time to visit Leh on the bike.

The weather remains pleasant during this time (mid-September to mid-October) and the place starts wearing a frosty aura around itself giving you the perfect space to relax. Winter season between October and March is a big no-no! It is too cold to handle and even if snowfalls seem pretty, frostbites would be merciless.

Places to Visit En-route?

To start off, before commencing your trip, do spend a day in Manali for that city surely feels like sunshine. While in Manali, do not forget to take a glance at Kullu Valley. On your way, you will drive across Baralacha Pass, Rohtang Pass, Chang La and Tanglang La.

You can stop at these locations for 15 minutes or so just to get a feel of the place while you watch time pass by. You will also cross Jispa, Sarchu and Pang villages on your way. So, take out time and explore the villages for the rawness of the Himalayan culture and ethnicity rooted there.

Also, do not forget to try the Himalayan delicacies such as steamed momos and thukpa. Trust us guys, this journey shall be unforgettable. Ladakh is way more superior a place than just being placed on your bucket list. It is simply mandatory.

Things to do in Leh?

Complementing the majestic mountains, the sparkling blue – Pangong Lake calls for a visit to every person visiting Ladakh. It is an exotic location which is definitely a photographer’s delight. When in Ladakh, you cannot afford to miss out on monasteries. So, we would suggest you visit the Namgyal Tsemo Gompa which is located in the heart of Leh.

 Visiting monasteries gives you a good idea about the practices prevailing in the region and you get to learn more. Of course, take a bike ride at the Khardung La Pass for any bike trip in Ladakh is incomplete without driving on this pass. Roam around Ladakh, sit and sip the hot drink of your choice and relax; for solace can be best experienced in Ladakh.

There are a million reasons to visit Ladakh but none as convincing as the joy of the destination itself. So, pack your bags, wear warm clothes, pick up your bike and just go!

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