Travel Guide for Kodaikanal Trek

Kodaikanal Trek – You know that there are few hill stations that are called as the ‘Queen of the hill stations’ but do you know which hill station is called as the Princess of hills? Other nick names of the city are Switzerland of the East, Set of Southern Emeralds etc.

Well, it is none other than the beautiful and misty hill station of South, Kodaikanal. It is fondly called as Kodai which is located at a distance of 120 km from Madurai.

The hill station is known for pleasant climate, serene landscapes, thick Shola forests, and panoramic picturesque scenes. Honeymooners, college goers, and even the old age people find solace over here.

It is the best place in South for spending a perfect weekend getaway. The flora of the place is something amazing to explore and be in that environment.

Nella Kurunji is a very unique shrub that blossoms every twelve years and is beautiful to see it. It is also called as the Lilac blue. If you are fond of homemade chocolates and marshmallows then you will have a plenty of it.

Best Time to Visit Kodaikanal

Kodaikanal is a hill station hence the place is amazing to visit during the whole year. Every month has something new to offer and looks pleasant throughout.

But the best time when the tourist attraction is the highest is during the months of March to May. It is actually the most lovely and lively time to be there at Kodaikanal.

Credit: V K Rakesh

How to Reach

You can reach Kodaikanal by all three means of transport. Let us know about it in detail. You can choose the mode of transport based upon your budget, preference, and availability during your preferred dates of travel.

By Road

The highway leading to Kodaikanal is beautiful and very well connected with a lot of good network. The scenes of the road trip are breath taking.

Talking about the distance, Kodai is 528 km from Chennai and 465 km from Bengaluru. In fact, from all the cities of South India, there is a bus connecting to reach Kodaikanal.

By Rail

The nearest railway station to Kodaikanal is to Coimbatore Railway station and Madurai railway station. You can also travel from Bengalure, Chennai, and Hyderabad to Kodai via train.

By Air

The nearest airport to the Kodaikanal hill station is the Madurai airport that is around 120 km away. The Madurai airport is well connected with all the airports of the country.

How Many Days are best for a Kodai Trip

The most popular trip to Kodaikanal is the weekend trip. Two days are not enough but sufficient to explore and experience the princess of hill station. But around 4 to 5 days will be enough to explore all the famous places of the hill station and have a fabulous holiday.

Places to Visit in Kodaikanal

1. Green Valley

Kodaikanal Trek

Starting with a point, the Green valley is called as the Suicide Point. A lot of suicide cases were reported here and hence this was the scary name given to it. But, now special care is being taken and there are fence all around.

The tourists are not allowed to enter the area of fencing. You will get the bird’s eye view of various dams nearby and it is so pleasing. The view of the valley is truly mesmerizing.

2. The Kodai Lake

Kodaikanal Trek

Kodaikanal Trek

The most Instagrammable spot of the hill station is the Kodai lake. It is a huge man-made lake spread in the area of 60 acres. Tourist love being here. Imagine a lake in the city of hills, the sight would be so much pleasing to the soul, isn’t it! In this lake, a lot of activities like boat rides, horse riding, cycling are popular. And this is the reason why people love being here and spending enough time.

3. Coakers Walk

Kodaikanal Trek

Kodaikanal Trek

For the people who love spending time with the nature and have a serene walk in it, the Conkers walk is the best place. The best part of this lane is that you can simply keep walking and explore the city and some of its popular spots.

You can get the view of the entire Madurai city from here. The valley of the Pambar river and the Dolphin nose are the other places to explore while walking here.

4. Pillar Rocks

Kodaikanal Trek

Kodaikanal Trek

This is the best picnic spot of the city. If you are there touring the city, you cannot skip being in this place. It is around 8 kms from the lake. You will find a mini garden here. There are also three vertically placed boulders that are at a height of 400 feet and that make for gorgeous pictures for the tourists.

5. Bryant Park

Kodaikanal Trek

Kodaikanal Trek

Last but not the least, is the Bryant park which is famous among st the tourists. This is basically a botanical garden that is famous for a variety of fauna and hybrids. When you are here, you got to visit the Glass House which is the most famous place of the Bryant Park.

Other famous places that are popular amongst the tourists are Bear Shola falls, solar observatory, Guna caves, silver cascades, Berijam lake, and Kurinji Andavar Murugan temple. If you have more time in hand and you can explore more places, then you should definitely go out and check these too.

How to explore the Town

Exploring the town of Kodai is quite accessible and affordable by all means. You can hire bikes, bicycles, public transport, cars, etc to explore the place depending upon your budget and choice.

Famous Eatery Places in Kodaikanal

Undoubtedly, there are a lot of places but these are some of our most favourite ones that we would highly recommend to every traveller.

1. Cloud Street

It is famous for sizzlers, pasta, continental food, and other International cuisines. You can totally dig the place for some picturesque Italian food that also taste amazing.

2. Pot Luck

It is a European style café with an outdoor seating and a veradah. It is very cute and you can take loads of pictures here. You will find sandwiches, pastas, Kodai food, waffles, pancakes, Spanish style omelettes, quesadillas and more.

3. Chocolate Factory

Are you a chocolate lover? Head out to this place for hand made chocolates. You can try the hot chocolate too here and the fruit syrup filled chocolate is something not to miss at all.

4. Pine and Petals

It is a multi cuisine restaurant with decent ambiance that would attract your attraction.

5. The Royal Tibet

It is obviously a Tibet restaurant that is very famous for its exquisite momos. Noodle, soup, and all kinds of non vegetarian dishes are available here.

If you are an utmost foodie and you like to move around and explore more eateries of the place then Pastry corner, Tava, Astoria, Eden Paradise, Rasoi, Tibetan Brothers, and Altaf’s café are some of the best places. They are famous for food and ambiance.

Activities to do in Kodaikanal 

1. Try the South style Coffee

When you are in South India and especially Kodaikanal, you cannot skip their South style filter coffee. Coffe of the Kodai is a must try. You will get hooked for sure. Do try from the places that serve authentic Kodai style coffee and not from famous coffee shop chains of the country.

2. Walk in the Lanes filled with Trees

Along with the Coakers walk, there are other lanes of the city that have beautiful alignment of the trees from both sides. Just go and have a walk to de stress yourself in these lanes. They are so pretty and also they will help you in relaxing.

3. Explore the Colonial Architecture

The city of Kodaikanal is famous for the colonial architecture. It is a well planned hill station and if you have an eye for architecture then you will surely adore it of the place. On the side note, taking pictures in front of these is quite a beautiful way to show a new perspective of the city.

4. Explore the Waterfalls

The Princess of Hill stations are famous for the waterfalls too. So, when you are here do not miss out on exploring the waterfalls and spending some time there. You will love the solace and pleasant ambiance.

5. Horse Riding

The best, literally the best thing to do in Kodaikanal is to ride a horse. Right before you enter the lake, you can hire a horse and ride your way on the horse to the lake. Such a fabulous activity to indulge in and take a break from vehicles!

6. Trekking

There are a lot of trekking spots in Kodai. If you love adventure and thrilling activities then trekking could be really entertaining for you. You can spare a day for trekking in Kodai. It is worth it.

7. Cycle at the Lake Side

One of the most peaceful and amazing things to do in the Kodai city is cycling around the lake. It is such a fun thing to do over the regular routine of life. With the pleasant ambiance and cool breeze, your cycling becomes more fun.

This is the detailed travel guide to Kodaikanal where we tried to cover all the major places of the city along with some interesting things to do.

We also tried to cover some of the famous places to eat so that you can try some of the best delicacies of the hill station that are popular. Take some out of your busy routine and just get lost in the beauty of the hills of the South. This will be utmost rejuvenating for sure.

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