Ultimate Guide for Kodachadri Trek

Spending time and money on experiences are the call of the lifetime. Yes, spending your hard earned money on the materialistic things are not going to take you far enough in your life. They are capable of giving you the momentary happiness that would not last for a longer period of time. Instead, the money and the time spent on the experiences like going for a vacation, taking a stay cation, taking self pampering sessions, going for adventure trips, spending weekends in a different place, etc are some of the things one must spend their energy, time, and money on. 

Considering this, we are always trying to bring some offbeat places for vacationing around the country. Here is a short snippet about the famous Kodachadri trek which is in Karnataka. For the people of Bangalore and other nearby places, this is an amazing easy trek to head out to. 

Kodachadri Trek

This trek is also suitable for the beginner level adventurers. The difficulty level of this trek is moderate and hence this makes it easy for the beginners too to try it out. If you have ever been on easy level trails treks before, you could go for this one without hesitation. Although the trail of this trek is not the easiest but it is fun to be crossed by the non-professionals as well. Hence, the beginners and the adventurers who love trekking but have not been to various treks then you can surely try out with this trek. 

About Place

Kodachadri Hiking is a popular trek area in Shimoga approximately eight to ten hours from Bengaluru. The distance of Kodachadri to Bangalore is of around 420 km. Also, the best way to reach Kodachadri from Bangalore is by the road journey. In this trek, you would be going into the dense forests. The trail type includes waterfalls, dense forests, cliffs and meadows. There are majorly two trails which you will have to cross in this trek and they are Karekatte and Marakuttaka. There are beautiful endless sights to explore in this trek. The trail of the trek is not the easiest but also it is a lot of fun and totally suitable for the new trekkers too. 

This trek is a small one, preferably a weekend trek that is of 2 days and 1 night. September to February are the best months to go for this trek. 

Kodachadri Trek

Karnataka is blessed with some of the most beautiful peaks and this is the 10th highest peak of the state. This mountain peak is at an elevation 0f 1300 feet above the sea level. Kodachadri mountain peak is around 20 km from Kollur which is also famous and known for the Mookambika temple


The origin of the Kodachadri peak is associated with the famous Hindu guru, Adi Shankaracharya. The world knows about this Great Indian philosopher. This place is known to be the meditation spot of his. Sarvajna Peetha is the meditation center of this place of the guru.

This was actually the stone temple initially which was established by the guru. The very famous temple is the temple Mookambika in the Kollur district which is 20 km from the Kodachadri area. Goddess Mookambika’s origin place is this one. 

How to Reach

Kodachadri is a mountain peak in Karnataka state in the Shimoga district to be precise. Kollur, Shimoga, and Kundapur are the nearest towns to Kodachadri. A jeep ride is one of the most fascinating ways to reach Kodachadri from Kollur. The most common way to reach Kodachadri is from Bangalore as well which most of the people do. It is a road journey from Bangalore to Kodachadri which is of about 420 km and the time taken would be around 8 hours. 

Shimoga railway station is the closest and the nearest railway station to Kodachadri. The nearest airport to Kodachadri is the Mangalore airport. Both of these railway stations and the airports are very well connected to the major airports and railway stations of the country. These are very well accessible to all parts of the country. 

Places to Visit

The most gorgeous spot to visit and explore in the Kodachadri trek is the Kodachadri peak itself. This one is the 10th highest peak of the Karnataka state. You would love the views of the place from the top. There is a beautiful view of the Arabian sea from the top of the peak. Kodachadri sunset view point is the another epic spot to explore while the trekkers are at the Kodachadri trek. Do not miss the sunset views from the top. On a cloudless day, one can see the sun going down straight into the sea and that sight is purely magical and out of the world. 

Kodachadri Trek

Hidlumane waterfalls are the next beautiful place to explore in the Kodachadri trek area. Nagara fort is another place to explore around the Kodachadri trek area. The Mookambika temple in the Kollur district is also another famous spot to stop at and have a relishing time in a religious atmosphere. 

The Kodachadri trek is a small one and hence there are little lesser places to explore. But all of these places are really peaceful and keeps you close to the nature. 

Adventures to explore

At the Kodachadri trek, the most common adventure to do is the trekking, of course. The trek starts from Bangalore and there are various places to explore throughout the way. The trekking to and through the Hidlumane waterfalls is amazing. This is a fun thing to do with waterfalls around. 

It is a 2 days and a night trek to the Kodachadri peak so camping for one night is also an adventure to try out over there. Camping is fun over there but happens at the peak seasons when the weather and all conditions are favorable. Camping takes you closer to the nature and is such bliss to be there in the tents. 

Along with trekking, hiking, and camping, kayaking is also an adventure to try out when you are there at the Kodachadri peak trek. You must try out kayaking for sure when you are exploring the Kodachadri peak trek

Trying out all these adventures at this trek makes the trek a lot more fun, exciting, and enthralling. Investing time and money in these adventures is always the best. 

Best time to Visit 

The best time to go on the Kodachadri trek is during the months of September to February. The winter months are most suited months for going on the Kodachadri trek to experience the best of it. During these months, the valley is covered with lush green grass, beautiful clouds, cold breeze, and overall beautiful scenes. The temperature and the humidity during this time of the year at Kodachadri trek is at the best version of it that makes it totally comfortable for the travelers to be there. 

Also, it is always good to trek during the winters at the trekking spots in South India. This is the time when you will fall in love with the ambiance of the place. The humidity levels during the summers is extreme with so it is best to avoid this time. 


This information about the famous Kodachadri trek must have enticed you to go trekking at this famous and a beautiful place. The South area of our country is not only blessed with the best of the hill stations and picturesque spots for the vacations, it also has a plenty of places to experience the best of trekking. The adventure lovers must visit Kodachadri trek to try out the fun trek. 

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder and you would totally relate to this saying when you are in these hidden paradises of the country. Kodachadri trek takes you to some of those splendid and beautiful trails of whose breathtaking sights remain with you for the longest time. Are you planning for this trek anytime soon? The season for the trek is coming already. It is a budget friendly trek so dont worry about the money crunch at all. 

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