Ultimate Guide for the Kedarkantha Trek

Kedarkantha Trek – Dehradun is a magical city for a lot of things. You get the vibe of being in the hill station along with the modern city life. You feel like you are in a busy city that is not very busy but also does not take you totally away from the city feels. You get it what we are trying to say, right?

It is a soothing city that takes you away from the hustle bustle without taking you away from the luxury. It is a well planned small town or the hill station where roads are gorgeous and driving in the Dehradun Mussoorie highway is also one of the most pleasant things. 

Dehradun is a very pleasant tourist attraction as well because there are so many places in and around the city to explore. Being in Uttarakhand, the city has various trekking spots around it too. One of those places has to be Kedarkantha trek. It is one of the most famous treks of India in the Uttarakhand state. 

Kedarkantha Trek

This trek in the Govind wildlife sanctuary is a thrilling one and here are the complete details of the trek. For the ardent trekkers, trekking all the way up to the Kedarkantha peak should be on the must do list. 

About Place

To begin with, Kedarkantha peak is one of the most popular and gorgeous peaks of the Uttarakhand state. It is also one of the most popular treks of the country. This will also top the chart of the best treks in the Uttarakhand state. The peak is located inside the Govind Wildlife Sanctuary and is extremely beautiful. The highest altitude of the trek is 12,500 feet. Kedarkantha height is quite high.

This is one of the best Indian winter treks where one would be exploring the snow land in real life. It is an easy to moderate level trek suited for everyone. No matter if you are a beginner or a professional in the trekking world, this trek welcomes everyone with open arms.

The trail of this trek is really simple and involves pine forests which are covered with snow and this makes for the most magical sight, panoramic views of the mountains from every side, and extremely gorgeous campsites.

Kedarkantha Trek

It is not like a strenuous trek but it is like a small mini vacation which you will be spending in the lap of nature. You will have a view of some of the tremendously gorgeous peaks like Black Peak, Swargarohini, and Bandarpoonch.

The trek trail is an easy one where you will be exploring some of the most gorgeous scenes. And the best season to experience this scene is winter strictly.

The drive in the Himalayas leading to the destination of this peak is incredible. You will come across some great canopy lanes and crossing this lane is a scene straight out of any Hollywood movie.

Also, the trek is inside the wildlife sanctuary, so you also get to explore the Himalayan wildlife in detail. You will see some of the most amazing and offbeat flora and fauna in that wildlife sanctuary.

You will return with loads with memories and amazing sights which you eyes and heart will never forget.

Difficulty Level

The difficulty level of this trek is easy and as it progresses it becomes moderately tough. Still it will not be wrong to say that the trek is easy to moderate on the graph on difficulty level, 12,500 feet is the highest altitude of the trek and reaching the highest level becomes a bit tough and that is the area when the trek becomes moderately tough.

Apart from all these, the difficulty level of this trek is easy and even the beginners can’t do it. It is not essential to have a prior trekking experience to try this trek. The instructions by the guide and the briefing sessions given before the trek are enough to make you capable for this trek.

Kedarkantha Trek

The trails that one needs to cross at the Kedarkantha trek are easy. The temperature is kind of unpredictable but is mostly pleasant and people would enjoy it. People who have taken the Himalayan expeditions before would find this trek really simple and basic. Kedarkantha weather is low during the winters but still it is pleasing.

For the beginners, it would be really easy to go on this trek as this one is a pretty decent trek, and you will always have fellow trekkers and guide you all the way long.

This is a 6 day trek so the professional trekkers who have been on longer treks can easily pass this trek. Apart from the professional trekkers and the beginners, every adventure enthusiast who wishes to enjoy the treks can go on this one and have an amazing time.

How to Reach

Kedarkantha trek is located in the Uttarakhand state. To be precise, the Kedarkantha peak is located in the Govind Wildlife Sanctuary. The peak is actually situated 15 km southwest from the city of Leh. 

Uttarakhand is very well connected via railways, roadways and airways. The trekkers can choose any of the transport mediums of their choice. One has to start the trek from Dehradun so every trekker has to reach the city by any mode of transport. Dehradun is well connected with airways, roadways, and railways from almost all the Indian cities. 

The nearest airport for this trek is the Dehradun airport itself. The nearest railway station for the Kedarkantha trek is the Dehradun railway station which is the base or the starting point of this trek. One can also take the bus and go for an overnight bus journey from any city to reach Dehradun and start the trip from there. 

The Kedarkantha trek starts from Dehradun via a road trip. The distance between Dehradun to Kedarkantha road trip is just 80 km. 

Places to Visit

While you are there in the Kedarkantha peak and you are trekking all the way up, you must definitely move around and check these beautiful places over there.

1. Govind Wildlife Sanctuary

The govind wildlife sanctuary is where the Kedarkantha peak is situated. So, you obviously get to explore the wildlife sanctuary and get close with the flora and fauna of the place. This is such a great thing to do while you are there. 

2. Juda ka Talab

While you are trekking at the Kedarkantha peak trail, you will come across one of the finest lakes known as the Juda ka talab lake. It is a high altitude lake in the state at an altitude of 2700 metres above the sea level. The view of the place from the lake is mesmerising. The trekkers can sit here for hours and enjoy the ambiance.

3. Sankri Range

This is a paradise village in the route of the Kedarkantha peak trek. This hamlet is a stopping point for the trekkers because of the beauty of the place. The view of the huts and the peaks from this range is amazing.

4. Someshwar Mahadev Sankri

To begin with, this is a beautiful temple to come across and explore in the Kedarkantha peak trek route. It is situated in the Saur village in the Sankri range and is dedicated to Lord Shiva. The villagers and the local people have immense faith and belief in this temple and is also a famous tourist attraction. The architecture of the temple is something to adore. 

Best Things to do at Kedarkantha Trek

Trekking is just not about walking and climbing the peaks. It is about exploring the hidden gems of the country, doing some of the unusual things like camp fire, star gazing, sitting by the lake, etc, and also having the best time of life. Here are some of the best things to do while you are at the Kedarkantha trek. 

  1. Explore Dehradun, the City of Love

The trek starts from Dehradun and a small briefing session along with team bonding session is conducted at Dehradun. The trekkers have one day to explore Dehradun with the fellow trekkers. Dehradun is one of the prettiest small towns of the country so it is quite pleasing to explore the place. You could go to the old local market or can explore the local tourist places of the city. This is one of the best places to chill and explore.

  1. Explore the Govind Wildlife Sanctuary

The Kedarkantha peak is located inside the Govind Wildlife sanctuary which is one of the best sanctuaries of the Himalayan region. You could explore some of the best wildlife animals and some of the best migratory birds over here. The vegetation of the place also looks amazing. The view of the Kedarkantha peak from inside the sanctuary is amazing.

  1. Enjoy Camping and Bonfire

What is better than camping and enjoying born fire in the hills! This is something really fun. Camping in the lowest temperature along with the born fire settlement is really fun. These things are the major things that are enjoyed in the treks with the fellow trekkers. During the winters, most of the time snowfall happens so born fire may be cancelled but camping is always fun.

  1. Enjoy the Views of the Peaks

Once reaching the top, you will see the beautiful Kedarkantha peak along with the other peaks of the region like Black Peak, Swargarohini peak, and the Bandarpunch peak. These peaks are covered with snow in the winter season. The panoramic views of the mountains from this height are spectacular. Spending some time here and enjoying the serenity is bliss.

  1. Do Skiing 

There are ski courses and ski sessions happen at the Kedarkantha peak. It is very popular over there and a lot of people consider doing skiing over here. If you are interested you can also go ahead with the skiing courses. 

  1. Ziplining at the Sankri Range

It is one of the greatest things over there to do for the trekkers. The trekkers can do ziplining at the Sankri range of the Saur village. Doing this adventure activity in the lap of the hills is such a magnificent feeling altogether. 

  1. Do a bit of sight-seeing

As we mentioned that there are various places in and around the peak to explore, you can go ahead and explore those gorgeous sights as well. So, trekking along with the fab views, a total winner! 

Best Time to Visit 

Kedarkantha trek is one of the most promising treks of the Uttarakhand state. Uttarakhand is a popular and a beautiful hill station of the country which is famous for a lot of beautiful and exciting treks. The state welcomes trekkers throughout the year from all over the world. It is a paradise land for all kinds of adventurers.

Since, trekking is a common activity of the state and happens all year round that means the treks are suitable according to the seasons. And this trek is a winter trek. Kedarkantha peak looks incredible during the winters and it is most suitable to go trekking here during the winter season.

From the months of November to February, this trek is the best one to choose from all the other treks of the state. The hills are covered with snow and the entire land has a beautiful view of the snowy land. The vegetation of the land looks amazing with pine trees covered with snow. The scene is truly picturesque and dreamy.

Kedarkantha Trek

The temperature during the winters of the Kedarkantha trek ranges between 8 degree centigrade to 3 degree centigrade in the morning and it decreases to lower levels during the night. Because of this temperature levels, everything is a lot more exciting. 

The Kedarkantha peak is situated inside the Govind Wildlife sanctuary and the scene inside the sanctuary looks ten times better. You would see some of the best migratory birds and wildlife animals in the sanctuary and their habitat looks even better during the winters.

No matter how low the temperature is but the trek is really exciting and wonderful during the winters. Also, during the winters the snowy ambiance is amazing along with prettiest campsites, a lane covered with brown leaves, and the most beautiful drive in the Himalayas.


Here is the detailed discussion of the Kedarkantha trek, one of the best treks of the Uttarakhand state. As we said this trek is very near to the Dehradun city, so you can plan trekking this trail the next time you are here in the city. Do not worry if you are beginner as the trek would treat you nicely.  

Plan out this trip to the Kedarkantha peak and the Govind wildlife sanctuary with the Togedr team! Let us do it Togedr! If you have been there already, do you really think just once is justified to be at this gorgeous place. Your eyes and soul needs more of it. 

And if you have lived this experience then you can share this experience with a lot of fellow trekkers on our Togedr’s platform. Let us spread more of the stories of these magical places around. 

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