7 Best Places to Experience the Kayaking in India

One of the thrilling activities which are gaining more importance these days is Kayaking in India. It is somewhat similar to rafting but the difference arises in the sitting position and the blades number on the paddle.

Kayak is a boat which looks like a canoe and is low to the water. The person doing this activity sits in the kayak facing forward with his legs in the front. Well, if you love kayaking and want to try it then we list some of the best places in India for kayaking.

  1. GOA

Goa is the most popular destination in India for most of the water sports. And even kayaking is very famous in Goa. Candolim beach, Bambolim beach, and Margao are some of the places where kayaking is popular. Experiencing sunset in Goa beaches while doing kayaking is lovely.

Kayaking in India, Goa

Goa Kayaking.


From serenity to peace, Andaman & Nicobar Islands offers you to do kayaking in the most vibrant environment. You will also come across the captivating marine creatures while kayaking. Undoubtedly this is one of the best places for kayaking in India.

Kayaking in India, Andaman

Andaman Islands Kayaking.


If we are talking about the best places for kayaking in India then Rishikesh definitely tops the list. The best adventurous part is kayaking on the river Ganges. During the thrilling winters, it becomes even more exciting.

Kayaking in India, Rishikesh

Rishikesh Kayaking.


Someone who looks for the serene experience in kayaking then the backwaters of Kerela is the best place. You can row through the narrow channels with the palm trees by the side giving you shade. You will also come to the beautiful countryside view.

Kayaking in India, Kerala.

Kerala Backwaters Kayaking.


The ever so gorgeous Brahmaputra river is in Arunachal Pradesh. It has some of the most challenging rapids among the other kayaking locations. For sure it is one of the most thrilling locations for kayaking. You will enjoy it to the core.

Kayaking in India, Brahmaputra River

Brahmaputra River Kayaking.


  1. KOLAD

Kolad is a beautiful small town in the state of Maharashtra. The Kundalika river in Kolad offers some amazing water adventure activities. The water in this river is gentle and you will enjoy the serene kayaking of this river.

Kayaking in India, Kolad

Kolad Kayaking.



One of the best places for kayaking in India is Nagin Lake in Kashmir. The lake is extremely beautiful and gorgeous. The blue waters look like a mirror and reflect all the other beauties of the sight. This lake is also called as the Jewel in the ring and you can even jump in the lake to swim.

Kayaking in India, Nagin Lake.

Nagin Lake Kayaking.

These fabulous spots are great for kayaking and would enable you to enjoy the water and enjoy different views from a different angle. Also, trying kayaking in India from the months of October to May is the best.

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