5 Best Hot Air Balloon Ride Spots in India

Hot air Balloons, among all the very great experience of mine the hot air balloon ride is one of the best experiences I have ever feel, how it flies, how it landed up without any starring to control its direction, I feel like I am flowing up in the air with the flow of air, along the direction of flow of  air, I feel like I got wings and I m flying freely, the lank is lying down, the sunset view from it , the twinkling lights of house downwards while of stars upward, gives the best pleasure of my life which I would never been able to get by earning any amount of money.

So if you are thinking to go for a hot air balloon ride then this article will gives you the whole information and will guide you to reach to your dream in effective manner.

INDIA has a lot of places where this ride can be easily taken and I will tell you the best places where you not only will able to ride it in good price rather the view which you get should be pleasant to you, your eyes, your heart.

so among many places the best 5 places where you will really fall in love with this adventure and you will really enjoy your life. Sky Waltz is a government-approved hot air balloon safari company that is operational all across India. You can fly above, and catch beautiful views of Udaipur, Neemrana, Pushkar, Jaipur, Lonavala and Ranthambore.

#1 Lonavala Hot Air Balloon

Credit: Mann Singh

To all the peoples who live in Maharashtra or working in the best company in either Mumbai or Pune can go for this adventure sport easily and will get energy for net whole month.

LONAVALA is the place where you can go for this thing and can enjoy the ride. It really doesn’t matter whether you have visited lonavala or not. If you have not visited the it will be the perfect to visit lonavala, explore its beauty and hot air balloon too. Both will give you a very different view of the beautiful city. while if you already visited the go and get a different view of the city.

In lonavala Balloon Safari hot air balloon is the place  where you could find out these rides. The balloon flies at different heights up to 5,000ft.  you might have ride this many time earlier in India or in abroad but most of them is in open area, open fields, grasslands etc.

But this is different as you gonna ride this in a beautiful hill station. The landscape will be looking like you are seeing the place from bird’s eye, the fresh and amazing air will fill energy in your body and of course, the valley and the national highway are mind-blowing will gives you a very pleasant feel . Standing In it doesn’t let you feel like you are standing on a high cliff or in flight, you will be moving gently along the breeze  and hence will feel no sensation of movement .

You will love the greenery found around you, and you will feel proud of this nation and city.  The ride could be a risky one but it is worth every penny, the safety measures were well taken care of first from the start, highly skilled pilots are experts at skimming the treetops and controlling the altitude of the balloon for the best visual experience.

A guide will show u vantage points from top, may also will operate the balloon or will fly with you.  For the fun and thrill you can have on this flight, the cost is not too much. Also, it gives a topographic view of not just the lonavala city but of others places nearby too. It’s pretty cold up above so it’s better if we carry some woollen stuff. This is just an hour experience but you will not be able to forget it.

#2 Hot Air Bolloon in Karanataka

Credit: Tom Cena

In Karnataka, hot air balloon festival is celebrated in December or may extends to January every year. This festival is organised at three places at same time at Bidar, Mysore and at the ancient villages of Hampi.

Hampi festival of hot air balloons

This festival  was initiated by the Karnataka Tourism Department with an aim to develop interest among the youth, last for almost 4 days. A lot of balloons in air seems like a picture which we see in internet which makes a smile and there we really  feel it. I agree that Hampi city beauty is incomparable but this ride will take you on a whole new grandeur when viewed from top ,the panoramic view of terrains, temples and the spectacular ruins will let you feel amaze.

The guide before the ride gives you instructions and directions of the ride. Every balloon has its pilot to steer it, but he could only control the altitude(height) because the route was mostly decided by the direction of wind. Below down, a jeep with supporting staff will follow your balloon wherever it will proceed.

Early mornings and evenings are considered as the best timings for a hot air balloon ride.

You will be given choices between a smaller balloon and a bigger balloon, smaller balloon carry up to 6 people while bigger can carry about 10 people on the same trip, the gas chambers make the balloon hotter than  the ground temperatures.

So I would advise you to not over wear much clothes. After this experience you will definitely realist that the festival had  potential to attracted hero-sport enthusiasts from all over the country. Relaxing on the  green grassland, watching the panoramic view  of colorful hot air balloon floating in the open blue sky and sightseeing at Hampi will be an worth remembering experience.

#3 Hot Air Balloon in Delhi

Credit: Priyanka Thakur

Delhi itself is everything. I think to tell you about is really waste of time. everyone know what actually Delhi is, its beauty, its sunrise and sunset at India gate, the spectacular 360 Degree view at the early morning time gives a feeling of so proud on our India and gives the feel of nature, its freshness and its calmness. You can see Delhi with new angle. Neemrana is the place where you got the balloon ride started near new Delhi.

Like Same as the other places, in Delhi too the government by the Balloon Safari, they starts by picking you up at the hotel in the morning with your guide and you will be offered breakfast on arrival at the launch site of the balloon.

After the breakfast, safety rules and precautions will be conducted by the pilot in charge of that balloon and then with the falling of the sun rays of the rising sun in early morning, you will gently be lifted up in the air inside the balloon above land. The duration of the Balloon ride will be approximately 60 minutes and you will be shown some spectacular hidden treasures of the Neemrana and nearby Delhi region.

#4 Hot Air Balloon in Rajasthan

Image result for hot air balloon
Credit: Aditya Rao

Jaipur( Popularly called as  the Pink City) the capital city of Rajasthan, is a popular destination for dream holidays and honeymoon too. Thousands  of travelers from across the world come here to visit the royal grandeur of traces, this place is also a router for hot air balloon riding adventure  in Rajasthan.

With its awesome landscape, Jaipur promise for an unforgettable experience of this adventurous as well as thrilling activity. Flying over the grand palaces, beautiful lakes, deserted lands and the heritages forts will truly be a mesmerizing experience, which is one of its kind.These balloon rides are particularly arranged during sunset or sunrise.

so to get a wonderful view of nature and its attractions, so go with your cameras and  ready to capture the beholding sights of the landscape with the backdrop of the dim sky. Generally, the balloon starts from places near the spectacular location of Amber Fort since this fort offers us ideal conditions for a smooth take-off. Sometimes, the location might be changed depending on weather conditions and the direction of winds.

#5 Hot Air Balloon in Goa

Credit: Goa Tour master

In my previous blog I had given you a lot of information regarding Goa, but yes its true Goa is the fabulous place to explore from it to water to land each and every thing is possible here, that’s why called as the best vacation place of India and its really worth it.

Goa is also famous for hot air balloon ride , this sport is recently started to giving the tourists a chance to view 360 degree of GOA, sparkling azure sea, beautiful beaches, golden shores, backwater and lots more.

With after few time the launch it has became a big hit and hence it might cost you little bit expensive but the view is that much awesome that you can’t able to thought of money to ride it. Its my suggestion to go with best camera and lenses as much you can, capture those cherish moment which you will never ever forget in throughout your life.

This will operates early in the morning or late in the evening depending on the weather condition. The Trip can be called off anytime as the trip is totally dependent on weather condition & the  speed of wind as well as direction of wind.. if In case, trip is cancelled in such condition your appointment will be shifted to next available date or refunded you with full amount paid.

You will really get a best-est experience which you can’t forget, even if you want to. Since this is an adventure sports so some safety measure has to be taken and few Responsibility are also there as a JAGRUK NAGRIK,

Safety measures: Hot air balloons are generally safe; however there are some safety measures that should be taken care of, are mentioned as:

• Make sure that your pilot is well-trained and FAA certified as your entire safety depends on his expertise and experience.

• Consider that the launch point is large enough and clear of obstacles like poles, trees and power lines.

• Select a suitable landing point, which is away from the busy roads, for a safe and easy landing. If possible because the dropping is more in hands of wind direction.

• Ensure that you are fit enough to undertake this exciting balloon ride.

As this activity involves flying hundreds of feet above the ground, so those who are having height phobia might leave this ride.

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