Ultimate Guide for Hampi Heritage Trek

Weekend getaway destinations are the newest thing that the city people are getting addicted and attracted to. To escape the busy city life for few days in budget, a lot of people are constantly looking to visit some nearby places to their city so that they can chill, relax, and enjoy the vacation vibes in a budget.

There are so many weekend getaway destinations in India each one being famous for their speciality. One of the most lovable weekend getaway destinations these days is Hampi. Hampi has managed to get love from a lot of people these days. 

Hampi is a town in Karnataka and is the most visited weekend getaway destination over there. The people from bigger cities like Bangalore always head to Hampi to find their solace. It is around 364 km from Bengaluru and takes an overnight journey to reach there. Hampi is one of those rare destinations that attracts to please every kind of traveller. 

Hampi trek

Below we are spilling some more details about Hampi and how you can effectively plan a trip to the place.

About Place

The most popular thing about Hampi is the architecture. There are various old temples in the city whose architecture is so marvelous that they have been declared as the World Heritage Sight by UNESCO. The city is in the Bellary district and is nestled in the rocky terrains of the area. It is specifically located in the East Central Karnataka. The ruins, the old temples, and other architecture are in the memory of the culture of the city. The shores of the Tungabhadra river surround Hampi city from all sides making it look prettier than what it actually could be. 

A lot of travelers, trekkers, adventure enthusiasts, vacationers, art enthusiasts, photographers, history lovers, architects, archaeological students, etc are the people who visit Hampi. 

From the tourism point of view, Hampi has grown a lot over the years because of the love of the tourists. The rise of tourism in the city has given rise to so many hotels and staying options that has made holidaying here even better. 

Hampi trek


Having said this, it is a remarking factor that Hampi history has been rich and was also the capital of the Vijayanagara district. The most popular king of the Vijayanagara district was Krishnadevaraya and it was under his reign that Hampi flourished to the fullest. Hampi is a relatively old city whose existence dates back to the 14th century. Hampi history and its architecture still shows how rich the city would have been back then and the resources even reveal that this was the wealthiest city in India during its finest days. During those days, Hampi was even the second wealthiest city in the whole world after Beijing. The Portugal and the Persian traders were attracted to the city because of its wealth and this is how Hampi came into news back then. 

Post the rule and reign of the glorious king Krishnadevaraya, the invaders and some Muslim sultanates plundered the city and also looted the wealth slowly and eventually. The Mughal rulers invaded Hampi during 1565 and the entire wealth was gone in the hands of the invaders. So, after the downfall of the kingdom of Krishnadevaraya, the riches and the wealthy items of Hampi were ruined to a great extent. After this, just the ruins of the temples and other things were left that we are seeing today. 

The history is of Hampi shows it as a rich land of a rich king. It has seen the best of its days and has even suffered a lot by the invaders. Presently, the situation of Hampi is stable and it stands beautiful. Hampi welcomes all the explorers to explore its rich history in detail. 

How to Reach

Hampi is one of the most popular tourist and adventure destinations in the state of Karnataka. It is located in the Bellary district. The nearest airports to Hampi are the Bellary and the Belgaum airports. Though Bengaluru is one of the common and easily connected from all the other airports of the country, it is about 364 km from Hampi, so it is quite far and makes for an overnight journey from Bengaluru to Hampi

Hampi railway station is the official railway station of the city. The Hampi nearest railway station is very well connected to a lot of frequent trains. 

The weekend crowd from Bengaluru to Hampi Trek is the most in number. In fact, Hampi Trek is a popular weekend destination spot for the people of Bengaluru. Hampi from Bangalore is an overnight journey via road trip which is also the most convenient one. Most of the travellers pick this route for their journey. 

Places to Visit

Hampi is a popular place in Karnataka that is gaining a lot of love from the tourists from all over the world lately. One of the biggest reasons for this is there are various spots in and around the city that are declared World Heritage Sights by UNESCO. Also, the vibe of the entire Hampi city and Hampi temple is quite different from other cities as the beauty in the ruins is displayed gloriously here. 

Some of the major and exceptionally beautiful places to visit in Hampi are Virupaksha temple, Vijay Vitthala temple, Hemakuta Hill temple complex, Queen’s bath, Hanuman temple, Lakshmi Narasimha temple, riverside ruins, Matanga hill, Mahanavami Dibba, Elephant stables, Lotus palace, zenana enclosure, Hazara Rama temple, Monolithic bull, Shivlinga, Hampi bazaar, and Anegundi fort. 

Hampi trek

On the whole, there are around 40 tourist places to visit in Hampi and the entire Hampi Trek sight seeing can be explored completely in 4 to 5 days. These places are the highlight of the city that must be explored by all of the tourists around. Also, Hampi is a very picturesque and in fact one of the most photographed city of the country. All these facts altogether makes Hampi trip a must visit for all the travelers out there. 

Apart from these mainstream places and going for the Hampi sight seeing, there are beautiful sights near Anjaneya hills and the river nearby. This spot is famous for the epic sunrise and sunset views. So, the photographers must visit this beautiful spot to click some beautiful pictures. 

Adventures to explore

Hampi is a popular holiday destination of India these days. The city or the small town is preferred by the solo travellers, families, kids, friends, and adventurers. This show that the city is quite popular amongst everyone. For the leisure travellers and the vacationers, we discussed some of the best places to visit in Hampi. If you are an adventure enthusiast then you must plan to try out the different adventures here. 

So, in a nutshell, the adventures that can be tried out in Hampi are bouldering, trekking, camping, hiking, cycling tour (of some major parts of the city which is quite cool and old school), coracle ride (it is utmost soothing and fascinating), staying in the rice field, and some random bear watching scenes as well. 

Best time to Visit

Hampi is a place that has hot climate for most parts of the year. The best time to visit Hampi for touring as well for trying the adventure sports is from the months of October to February. Hampi temperature during these winter months of the year is the most pleasant for the leisure travelers and also for the trekkers. So, winter is officially the best season for Hampi trip

The monsoons are also somehow favorable and a considered time for visiting Hampi as per the Hampi Trek in weather. There are some trekking spots where trekking becomes tough in the monsoons and bouldering also is tough during this time. The rocks and the trek terrain become extremely slippery and because of this a lot of trekking spots are also blocked. Anyways, for the people who would want to go for the Hampi Trek for touring or relaxing can go during the monsoon months as Hampi weather is good at that time too. 


For the people who are history lovers and are someone who can see beauty in everything will definitely love Hampi to the next level. It is one of those places that are popular among st the travelers but also it is a peaceful place to seek some solace from the hustle bustle of the city life. These places and the activities will take you out of the mundane life for sure. 

We do like to stress on the fact that strolling in the streets of Hampi is also a great way to explore the city. If you are someone interested in photography then you would love clicking pictures here as it is a paradise for the photographers and architecture lovers. For trekking, a weekend trek of 2 days and 1 night is enough for Hampi Trek. The leisure travelers and the vacationers can somehow stay for more days and enjoy the vibe of the place. 

Hampi trip would make you believe that even beauty lies in the ruins as well. From the history perspective as well, this place is great to learn about the Indian history. On the whole, this is one of those places in the country that demands a visit from people from every corner of India because of its unmatched beauty.

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