Gay Friendly Travel Destinations in India

Gay Friendly Travel Destinations in India – Being gay in India is not easy. By law, it is illegal; by religion, it is irreverent and by society, it is shunned. While in the western world the debate is heated and in the forefront, here in India we don’t even have that. Not many are fighting for them or talking about them.

There are many who are fighting against them or with them and talking down to them but not many stand up for them. Those who do are often times misunderstood and cast out of active society.

Consequentially, many people from the gay community in India are stressed and suffer from mental illnesses. It is not a far cry given the fact that they literally cannot be who they want to be.

Foreigners visiting our country are also ill-treated when it is discovered that they belong to this community.  While this paints a bleak picture for the gay community in India, we believe that all is not lost. In this article, I endeavor to list out Gay Friendly Travel Destinations in India where you can be who you truly are.

Gay Friendly Travel Destinations in India


Let’s start with the very north of the country. Delhi, the capital of the country, is the hub for all things cultural, political, historical or commercial. It was one of the first cities to ensure that the voices of millions were heard. It declared sec 377 unconstitutional and held gay parades with pride.

Here is a list of things to do in Delhi if you’re gay:

 Google ‘Delhi gay places’. Well, don’t bother. We already did that. On googling Delhi gay places, one of the best parts is that all the touristy places come up and that is a great sign.
Visit the historic spots like Red Fort, Qutub Minar, or Humayun’s tomb. Eat at the iconic restaurants and street food joints and savour the long walks down Janpath or Lodhi Gardens.

    • Specifically, if you’re looking for Delhi gay places there is a gay park in Delhi called Nehru park where a lot of cruising takes place is in the late evening along with the terrific food options. Another gay park in Delhi is the Central Park in Connaught Place.  It is the oldest public cruising gay park in Delhi.
  •  If you’re planning on meeting fellow gay people, it would be best to know some gay meeting point in Delhi. While most of the gay meeting point in Delhi are in fact parks, there is also PVR Saket, Jahanpanah forest area near Chirag and the India Gate lawns. Most of these gay meeting points in Delhi are safe but it always better to be on guard.

So there you go! A fairly quick rundown on Delhi gay places including some gay park in Delhi and some gay meeting point in Delhi.

Gay friendly travel destinations in India

Relationship of love is always welcomed at capital: Dil Vallo ki Dilli.PC: Tanvi Jan


Next up on the list is Agra – the city of love, literally. It houses the epitome of love and is rich with history. If there was one city where you should not be judged for who you love and how it should be Agra.

So what do you if you’re gay in Agra:

  • Anyone who is gay must understand the importance of celebrating love. If you’re gay in Agra, you have to visit the Taj Mahal.  Also, try and visit Akbar’s tomb. For those who love their food, try visiting Sheroes. Trust me, it will be an eye-opening experience for you.
    • Try visiting the Paliwal Park Near Sanjay Place to check the scene out for those who are gay in Agra.
  • Ambedkar Park Near Agra Fort Railway Station is another cruising spot for gay visiting in Agra

    Gay friendly travel destinations in India

    Embrace your love at the love destination of India: Agra.PC: Tanvi Jan


It is true that there is more acceptance for the gay community in India mostly in the metros where the influence of the west is maximum and liberal minds are aplenty. As we move south, Mumbai is a definite gay-friendly travel destination in India. There are many gay-friendly places in Mumbai.

    • Mumbai is not known as the gay capital of the country for nothing. Gay-friendly places in Mumbai and gay spots in Mumbai can be spotted quite easily. More importantly, there is no restriction on visiting any iconic place or monument or restaurant in India’s most tolerant city. They’re all gay spots in Mumbai.
    • Mumbai has a vibrant nightlife. There are plenty of gay places in Mumbai to spend time at night like the Ghetto, Café Zoe, Café Mondegar and Copa. They’re the best gay-friendly places in Mumbai as well.
    • Prominent gay spots in Mumbai also include Girgaum Chowpatty and Bandra Reclamation.  Gay places in Mumbai line the whole of Aksa and Manori beach as well.
  • If you’re still on the lookout for gay-friendly places in Mumbai go to Voodoo in Colaba or visit during the Mumbai International Queer Film Festival launched in 2010.
    Gay friendly travel destinations in India

    Always keep Love beyond Gender.PC: Tanvi Jani

    As you can see gay places in Mumbai are aplenty. Take your pick!


Mumbai’s sister city, Pune is not far behind when it comes to gay-friendly scenes in India. It has a happening queer scene though it might not be as bustling as Mumbai or Bangalore. Gay hotels in Pune are also not an issue.

  • Pune is the cultural capital of Maharashtra and has many things to explore and see. There is delicious food for the consumed. With the youth of India populating this city, it is friendly and fun.
  • Events hosted by “Birds of a feather” are known to draw crowds from all around in celebration and support of the community.
  • Gay hotels in Pune include the bed-and-breakfast called Keith’s.
  • Celebrity country club, Kapila hotel are also some of the gay hotels in Pune.

    Gay friendly travel destinations in India

    Believes in Equality of love, Equality of Gender


The ultimate tourist destination of India – Goa is the pride of the gay community of India. All kinds of tourists are welcome here, irrespective of their sexual preference. People are generally very open-minded on account of the huge influx of foreigners into Goa.

    • There are several gay-friendly hotels and guesthouses in Goa.
  • Dotted with beaches and the gay club in Goa, you can rarely go wrong. There are some beaches which are very lively and vibrant and some which are quieter and more peaceful. Either way, most beaches are dotted with a gay club in Goa.As you must have guessed, the clubbing scenes in Goa are quite popular. Some of the gay clubs in Goa are Love Passion Karma and Synq.
    Gay friendly travel destinations in India

    Let the soul free like the waves of water

    So there you go. A nice line up of gay-friendly travel destinations in India. Hope you enjoy them!

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