Ultimate Guide for Deoban Trek

Deoban Trek – “If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine, it’s lethal” said Paulo Coelho. And at the age of adulating, we cannot agree more on this thought of his. All of us who are in our adulating age are extremely caught up in the work scenes and our life has become hell monotonous. You don’t just want to earn, pay bills, and die? Do you? Life needs a break. 

We are constantly looking for taking breaks and making our lives better which is a good thing in the context of life. Taking breaks and doing something that enriches your soul is worth every second and penny you spend on. Taking a stay cation on the weekend, trying something adventurous, going on small trips, are some of the many ways to rejuvenate ourselves that we all must indulge in. 

Talking about some small breaks and adventure activities, one option is to go on the Deoban trek which is a very pleasant weekend getaway trek in Chakrata, Uttarakhand. It is a 2 days and 1 night trek that starts from Dehradun. It is a charming trek that leads to some of the most beautiful and scenic locations and epic trails. Not only an adventurer but everyone can go for this trek and enjoy their heart out. 

Deoban was an unexplored place but lately it is becoming one of the favorite tourist spots for the adventurers and the beginner adventurers. This is an easy level trek so even the first timers can go and try it out. This trek is going to be a fun filled trek that is capable of giving you utmost solace in just 2 days. 

Deoban Trek

Credit: Anshu Sangwan

Hands down, the Deoban weekend trek is the best place to get rejuvenated in a small time under a certain budget if you live anywhere in North India or Uttarakhand precisely. You don’t need to dig major holes in your pocket or take longer breaks from work for this trek. 

About Place

As we said, Deoban is becoming a favorite amongst the trekkers these days because of its unwatchable and unfiltered beauty. In fact, nowadays it is also one of the major places to visit in Chakrata. One can have a splendid view of the fine looking forest rest houses that are located at an altitude of 2865 metres. The forest trail of the Deoban weekend trek is filled with coniferous pine, broad Oak leaves, Deodar, fir, and also some thorny shrubs. Deoban and Chakrata trail trek can be described as the trail having dense forests. 

Deoban is around 16 km from Chakrata which is an ancient British cantonment town. So, hands down other than getting the great feels of the Himalayas, you will also get the feels of the British era in this cantonment town. There are a lot of official government buildings which were built back in the British era.

Details about the Deoban Trek

The architectural styles of the bungalows are of the British styles. These buildings are quite picturesque to just sit back and soak in your soul. Since, the area is filled with dense forest, there is also a forest rest house and the road to this forest rest house is accessible through the motor able road. During the winters it becomes a bit difficult to cross the road as snow covers the entire forest. 

Chakrata is at an altitude of 2200 meters but trekking to Deoban makes it to around 3000 metres. 

The starting point of this trek is Dehradun and one has to reach Dehradun to begin with this trek. The difficulty level of this trek is easy to moderate and even the beginners can go for this trek. The first time trekkers can try this trek too wherein you may face some difficulties at the start but things will get better as you progress. You will come across some not so smooth sections at this trek that can be a difficulty but it is all manageable. A lot of adventures and fun awaits you in this short trek. 

How to Reach

Deoban is a beautiful small town and a very famous tourist place in Chakrata, Uttarakhand. It is precisely located at a distance of about 13 km from Chakrata at State Highway 1. The best and the most ideal mode of transport to reach is by a cab or taxi. The nearest railway station to Deoban or Chakrata is the Dehradun railway station which is around 100 km. So, if you are going for trekking to Deoban from any other city then railway mode is the best one. Dehradun is also very well connected through airport and the nearest airport to reach Deoban is the Jolly Grant airport which is 125 km from Deoban. 

Go for the railway or the private sharing cab option if you are on a budgeted trek.

Places to Visit

The Deoban trek in Chakrata, Uttarakhand is 2 days and 1 night trek. It is a small trek but in this small 2 days trek, one can explore a lot of places. The first place that one can explore in this trek is the small museum near the forest chowki. It is a beautiful place to explore alongside trekking the Himalayas. Badrikhal is the next place to explore in the Deoban weekend trek. Badrikhal is located along side the mountain side of the ridge which follows the watershed of the Tiger falls. This is below Chakrata.

Just above the falls, one can also view the Mohna village which is a picturesque one to view. The route that is followed here is the army rock climbing institute which can also be explored here. You can explore this place to the fullest but taking photographs is prohibited here. The trekkers would also follow the Kanasar road which is a beautiful and a majestic field that is surrounded by the deodar trees

Peaks at Deoban Trek

The highest point of this trek is the Vyas Shikhar peak that is visible from this point. Other peaks that are visible from this point are the Badrinath, Kedarnath, Dunagiri, Nandadevi, Gangotri, Trishul, and the Kandariya Mahadev peaks

Chintanharan Shiv temple is a beautiful temple that the trekkers can explore while being on this trek. It is beautiful Shiva temple to pay a visit while you are here. 

While the trekkers are here at the Deoban weekend trek in Chakrata, they can also spend some chilled out time at the Sadar Bazaar which is the main bazaar of the place. 

Best time to visit

As we said, Deoban trek in Chakrata is one of the best winter treks that you must try your hands on to satisfy your adventure soul. But, this one is not only a perfectly suited winter trek but also a trek that is suitable and ideal to go during the months of May, June, September, October, and November. The Deoban trek temperature and the Deoban trek weather is chilling and pleasant at this time. It is not at all humid to keep you irritated. It is during these months that the place blooms and looks it best. The entire Uttrakhand looks pleasant with the most beautiful sceneries during this period of time. 

So, overall it is safe to say that the Deoban trek weather in Chakrata, Uttarakhand is pleasant during the most parts of the year. It is just the main Monsoon seasons that are not favorable for trying out this trek. We at Togedr would always advise you to head out to any trek in its favourable season only to make the most of those treks. You deserve the best from the best. 


Now that you know enough details about the Deoban trek, you can easily go for trekking at this famous place. This is one of the best treks of the Uttarakhand state and going to this trek is definitely going to be one of your best experiences in the mountains. Also, adding some extra info about the place and letting you know that this place is an ideal one for the couples because of the ambiance of the place.

You will be able to spend some quality time as well alone or with your loved ones in the hills in this trek. Along with the couples, this is also one of the best treks for the solo travelers and the solo trekkers. You can also call the Deoban weekend trek as the paradise for the solo trekkers as it is small, fun, adventurous, and fantastic and Deoban trek temperature is amazing. 

It is also one of those affordable treks for which you don’t have to pinch your pockets because you can get accommodation for as low as 500 bucks for a night. We would urge you to go for trekking to this place as there is also no hassle of permits, permission, or passes. You would just need a TIMS or Trekker Information Management System. There is no dearth of natural sceneries in this place whatsoever. 

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