Cycling; Childhood that needs to be pursued.

I don’t really remember my first cycle, it was a tricycle basically but as my mother describes it, I loved it. Days went by, I got older the cycle became smaller and the need of a new cycle aroused.

Mom got me a bicycle, it had supporters, flame red color, all shiny and bright. Cycling, on the whole, was fun & I was ecstatic, the wind in the hair when I used to ride it was a different feeling altogether.

Years went by, the need of a cycle kept reducing, now the cycle was rarely touched and I moved on to bigger things. A motorcycle seemed more macho and the poor cycle was just standing there in the garage waiting for a ride.

Today when I see kids riding around, it makes me go into nostalgia and I remember the good old days. With the rise in us being physically inactive, cycling seems to be the answer for this, it’s in trend, you look cool and nowadays cycles are not merely pieces of iron welded together. They come in all shiny colors, amazing graphics and tons of tech attached.

So it’s just a way of telling you, it’s time to bring back the days and let’s not do it just for the sake of nostalgia but for the health that it brings with itself.

Here we are pointing out the benefits that it brings to the table:

It has immense physical benefits. The first sport suggested to anyone trying to lose weight is cycling. It improves your breathing. It also helps to build muscles.

The muscles around the hamstrings, quads, glutes, and calves can be very well built and can be maintained in shape by the process of cycling. If you engage in regular cycling then you can nice toned muscles, to be precise

  • Scientifically speaking, cycling helps reduce stress by releasing adrenaline and endorphins. It is like taking your mind for a walk. You usually tend to forget all the worries of the world when cycling.
  • Cycling makes your heart healthier and increases the blood circulation in your body. This makes your heart strong and hence it cuts down the heart diseases and the heart risks. So, to save yourself from any kind of heart issues, just cycle often.
  • People fighting insomnia should definitely cycle often. When you indulge yourself in any heavy activity mentally or physically, your mind gets an opportunity to relax at night and thus comes a good night sleep.
  • Cycling rejuvenates the soul. Cycling is like possibly one of the best ‘me’ times you can get yourself. Make a playlist and go for a ride. We need the fresh air after all.

It’s time to bring the old friend back and paddle an extra mile for happiness!

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