5 Best Bunjee Jumping Spots in India

Bunjee Jumping Spots in India – How much adventure is too much adventure? Well, definitely ask an adventure junkie and you will get to know some mind blowing answers and some mind blowing experiences related to adventure. You name a sport in front of them and they will tell you every minute detail about it.

Trying your hands on the adventure sports is like looking at the world from a different perspective. Thrill, adrenaline rush, speed, and all these things combine together to give you the best adventure sport feeling. If you are someone dedicated sincerely to the adventure activities and are always in the hunt for trying them at different places, then here is one informative blog for you.

Here, we are talking about 5 best destinations for bunjee jumping in India. We would not say that bunjee jumping is something not for the weak hearted. It is for everyone who dares to see beyond life and who wants to live the life on the edge. Of course, there are risks everywhere but the feeling of accomplishment once you do something is out of the world.

Yes, that’s the winner feeling. If you beat the fear of falling down and then rise up, you have won. And if you are ready to jump from a scary height, all harnessed and literally have some best seconds of your life, then do try it at these 5 amazing locations. These are the best locations for bunjee jumping in India.

P.S – If you always wanted to fly like a bird then this is the only chance. Go for it. We would just advise you to go through a lot of dos and dont’s first and then surely jump from that height.

#1. Bunjee Jumping at Rishikesh

Credit: Shahzor EI

Rishikesh can be called as the hub of adventure sports in India, safely. There are so many adventure sports conducted and hosted there that half of the tourism of the town come to try the sports itself. Rishikesh has some world class adventure sports in its kitty and that is the reason we have mentioned it first on our list.

Rishikesh has made a very acute impression of peace, solitude, and meditation on one side and adventure, rush, and speed on the other. Also, the best and the highest bunjee jumping in India happens at Rishikesh. The height of bunjee jumping here is around 83 metres.

The bunjee jumping at Rishikesh is full of adventure in amazing location. The fall is done from the rocky cliff with mountains all around and river flowing down. It is the most picturesque spot as well. Though it is not the easiest to try at the first go, but if you have been doing adventure sports or rock climbing, you will be able to do it. Rishikesh is also said to be the only destination in India for trying bunjee jumping from a fixed spot.

Safety is the primary concern for obvious reasons so that definitely does not become a hindrance. The minimum age required is 12 years for bunjee jumping Rishikesh booking.

#2. Bunjee Jumping in Bangalore

Credit: Kelsey Egan

The IT hub of the country is quite famous for some adventure sports and spots as well. The pleasant city loved for all the mild reasons and the nearby gorgeous weekend destinations is also ready to give you chills down the spine with some adventure sports. You can try bunjee jumping in Bangalore and have the best experience ever.

If you are someone who has extreme love and lust for the adventure sports then do try bunjee jumping. To be honest, bunjee jumping here is not that easy because it is one of those locations where the spot is not fixed to jump from like the other destinations. And since there are no fixed platforms, you have to jump from the crane which is not risky but obviously scary. The whole setup and the equipment is fastened to a 130 feet mobile crane.

Bunjee jumping in Bangalore Ozone is famous amongst the other places for trying out non fixed bunjee jumping. The height of the jump is 25 m platform suspended from 40 m crane. And the minimum age required for this activity is 18 years. Kids aren’t allowed to try it. There is no restriction when it comes to the best time for this in Bangalore, you can try it throughout the year.

#3. Bunjee Jumping in Delhi

Credit: Sanjay

Delhi is not far behind when it comes to trying out the best bunjee jumping experiences in India. So, if you are someone from the Capital and do not want to go out of the city to try a sport, then there are spots in your city to let you fulfill your desire of such sports.

Wanderlust Delhi bunjee jumping is one of the decent bunjee jumping locations in India who have the best professionals to let you live the life off edge. Their professionals are trained ones from Germany. The equipment they use for bunjee jumping is imported from Japan. by this you can get an idea of their world class facility.

Here also, there is no fixed location to try the jump from and it is done through the crane. The height of the setup is 130 feet above the ground level. This is also scary enough but totally adventurous. The German technology makes it safe and secure for the adventurers and you got to trust them. Bunjee jumping in Delhi is getting quite popular these days and this shows the love of adventure amongst the people of today’s generation.

Also, an interesting fact, once you survive the leap of faith here and land, you get a certificate, a cap, and also a t-shirt saying ‘I did it’. How cool is that! You will be getting a validation for your accomplishment. The minimum age required for this is 14 years.

#4. Bunjee Jumping in Goa

Credit: Mauricio Pinto

We are talking about some of the adventure sports and the best locations for it in India. How can we even not mention Goa in this list! Goa is already famous for some of the best water sports and we already know it.

Have you tried the water sports in Goa? If not, it is the high time that you must. Those are the best experiences to take from Goa. Coming back to the point, bunjee jumping in Goa is also quite famous and is getting popular. Near Calangute and Anjuna beach there is an agency that conducts bunjee jumping in Goa. It is called as the Gravity Adventure zone.

The best part is that this is one of the lowest bunjee jumping spots in India so it makes it very easy. If you are a beginner, this is the best place for you to try this sport. There is relatively no risk and you can have a great start before you try the higher versions of it.

The setup of the bunjee jumping Goa is from a height of 25 meter and is again done through a crane. It will be the best for you if this is your first time. And the minimum age required for this is 14 years.

#5. Bunjee Jumping in Lonavala

Credit: Shiful Alam

Yes, Lonavala is more than beautiful road trips, amazing atmosphere, bonfire nights, gorgeous sunrise, and the local delicacies. You can even try some amazing adventure sports in Lonavala and have a great time if you are an adventure baby. The Della adventure resorts in Lonavala is the place to try out bunjee jumping in Lonavala followed with some more adventure sports.

You will love Della adventures because it is the largest adventure parks in the country. The view of Lonavala bunjee jumping is amazing because of the hills all around. The height of bunjee jumping here is again very low for about 45 metres and it suitable for the beginners. The jump lasts for about 4 to 5 minutes which is not extravagant and less when compared to the giant bunjee jumping.  

The equipment of bunjee jumping is at the height of 150 feet. The minimum age required for bunjee jumping in Lonavala is 10 years and you must have the body weight over 35 kgs. The price of bunjee jumping here is around INR 1500 which is quite high because the park is a luxury one. But, every penny spent will be worth the experience that you will have.

The professionals explain everything in detail before the jump which is very important and helpful. The activity is carried out throughout the year and once you complete the activity you get a certificate saying ‘you have successfully overcome your fear’ which is so motivating.


If this blog post gave you enough adrenaline rush just by reading, think about actually falling from a building, hot air balloon, bridge, and landing safe. Think about the harness that is protecting you and you are flying freely like a bird with millions of butterflies dancing in your stomach.

It is worth it if you crave for it. Go ahead and make yourself proud. And when India is moving so rapidly towards these adventure sports and is giving some world class facilities, then why not try it and tick this thing off your bucket list.

If you need more assistance in knowing more about bunjee jumping or any other adventure sports, we the team of Togedr are always to help you. And you can also book some amazing bunjee jumping experiences through us. Cheers to adventure.

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