7 Best Treks near Mumbai

Best Treks near Mumbai – Mumbai is a fun place to be in. If you are resident or a tourist to the place, by all means Mumbai is one of the most fun places in India. But, if you are caught in the chaos of the city life, you surely would be looking for a change and we are going to talk about that change today.

To break the monotony in your life and to bring some fun and adventure, here is an adventurous blog for you. Here we are talking about the 7 best treks near Mumbai that every adventurer Mumbai should try out.

The trekking from Mumbai is quite generous and kind as the trekking trails are not difficult and even the beginners can try out these treks. It would be suitable for any kind of traveler. You just need to have ample interest in travelling.

P.S – Even if you are not an adventure lover, we would urge you to try out these treks and bring some fun element in your life. See your life from a different perspective and we are quite sure that you would not regret it. Here presenting to you some of the famous trekking spots near Mumbai that the city people mostly flood during the weekends.

#1. Tungareshwar Trail

To begin with, we start with the best trail near Mumbai and that is Tungareshwar trail. The actual location of this trek is in Virar. One intriguing part about this trek is that the trail of the trek is subtle and simple on some levels for the beginners and also a bit tough for the avid trekkers. There are a lot of possibilities at the trail of this trek. It depends on you that what trail you would want to go on.

The easier route is the shorter route where you can walk for 4 kilometers and reach the Shiva temple and then move towards the Balayogi ashram which is 3 kms further. This is the route that most of the trekkers adopt for because of being easy. So, if it is your first time, you can totally go for this route.

The longer route is the one where you can climb to the Vajreshwari springs. This route is a bit tough but the scenes that you will come across in this tour are extremely pleasing and beautiful. You will find a lot of deciduous trees in the route that make the landscape prettier. You may even find some exotic birds in this route in the monsoon season. The distance of the Tungareshwar trek from Mumbai is 54 km.

#2. Garbett Point Trail

The Garbett point trail is in the Diksal region. Diksal village is really beautiful and the view of the village is extremely pretty. You will love spending some time in this village because of the scenic views. You will start the trekking from Diksal village up to the Garbett point. The view from the highest point of the plateau below is amazing and the reason people go up and above.

The trek is a long one for about 6 hours. The trek is also a challenging one and it is not so simple to climb the top. But, everything is amazing because the trek is quite fun. The trek trail consists of rocky passages and the steep slopes. The most crowd of the trek is during the months of Monsoon but it becomes a bit more difficult during the Monsoon season. The stream that flows by is at its peak during the Monsoons and it becomes tough to cross it over. So, you will need a rope to cross it.

The difficulty level of the trek is tough. Once you reach the top, you can also go towards Matheran which is at a 5 kms from the distance from the top. The Garbett point trek is 73 kms from Mumbai.

3. Rajmachi Fort Trail

This is one of the very popular treks from Mumbai and the Mumbai people love spending their weekends at the Rajmachi fort trek trail. It is 95 kms from Mumbai and is in the Udhewadi region of Maharashtra. The trek difficulty of this trek is again easy to difficult. There are various routes of this trek and it depends on you which one you are taking.

The trail of the Rajmachi fort trek is nevertheless very pretty and worth going on. The tough and the challenging trail of the trek starts from the Kondana caves. You can explore the Rajmachi fort from the top which is also very fun to explore. The easy trail of the trek is not so fun but if you are someone not willing to try out something challenging, you can go for the easy trail.

However, the top of the trek at the Rajmachi fort is the best point in the whole trek to enjoy some scenic views and have a splendid time. Also, Rajmachi fort is one of the historic forts of the country which is beautiful and popular and you got to explore this fort. It is in the rugged hills of the Shayadri mountains and it makes the whole vibe so raw and rustic.

#4. Raigad Fort Trail

Rajgad is one of the very famous places of Maharashtra where people go for weekend getaways and chill holidays. This trail is again a very popular one and is crowded during the weekends. The monsoon is the peak season when this trek is packed with a lot of visitors. If you would want to visit the trek during not so crowded season, visit it during this season.

To reach the Raigad fort, there are different routes and you can create a different experience from this trek even after visiting multiple number of times. All you have to do is try another route every time you go for this trek.  

There is an easy route to the trek where you just have to follow the steps of the fort and reach the top. Most people opt for this route especially the beginners. And the second route is a bit tough one but it is filled with fun and adventure. It is a route that goes through the dense forests and takes you to the Nane Darwaja.

The distance of Raigad from Mumbai is 166 km. Hence, it is quite far away. So, we would suggest you to make your trip worthy, go for the tough route because that will be worth it.

#5. Purandar Fort Trail

The Purandar fort trek is located in the Gherapurandhar which is 210 km from Mumbai. This trek starts from the village at Gherapurandhar. This is one of the most beautiful treks near Mumbai and you will being on this trek. The lush green meadows and the rocky paths are the main attractions of the trail of this trek. The trail of the trek has an intersection in the middle. One part of it leads to the fort and one part leads to the village. You have to decide which one you have to go for.

The trail of the trek going to the fort is a rocky lane. Along with the rocky lane, there are also some steps that you need to climb to reach the fort. The path that is closer to the fort is an easy one. It is just that during the monsoons the rocky patches become extremely slippery and there can be some dangerous issues. You got to be safe there.

The trek difficulty of the trail is from moderate to difficult. This is a fun trek and not just plain walking up the stairs. During the peak season, it is extremely over crowded. Try going here during the off seasons and you will have a good time.

#6. Jungli Jaigad

The location of the Jungli jaigad is at the Navja village in the Satara district. The distance of this place from Mumbai is more than 300 kms but the whole journey is worth the distance covered. The trekking level of this trek is difficult and not every beginner can try this one out.

This trek is filled with a lot of scenic spots that you would love watching and exploring. The dense woodlands are one of the best spots to explore in this trek. The fun begins right when you hit the dense woodlands.

To be honest, the scenic spots of this trek look straight out if the fairy tale and we are not even kidding. You will also find a lot of exotic birds and exotic animals on the way of this trek during the peak seasons and they make the trek even more beautiful.

You will return with a lot of pictures from different spots of this trek and that is for sure. More than memories, we are totally sure that you would return with a lot of pictures and all thanks to the beauty of the nature here.

#7. Shilonda Trail

Best Treks near Mumbai

Now, last but not the least, here is one of the top treks near Mumbai and it is in Mumbai itself in the Borivali area. This is a very easy trail trek that all the beginners can also try. This is basically a trek trail inside the Sanjay Gandhi National Park. In this trek, you will reach the farther most point of the National Park. It is a former tribal settlement at the Shilonda trail.

You will be crossing the dense forest, a gentle walkaway, and also some of the beautiful streams and all these make for a beautiful sight altogether inside the National park. You have to walk a lot in this trek so make sure to not get tired from walking so much. The trek trail is quite easy and every one, literally everyone can cross the trail of this trek. But, if you are someone who cannot walk a lot then it can be tough for you.

If you are someone who loves nature and the wildlife then this is the best escape for you from the city life. The scenes, trails, and the sights of this trek are amazing. You got to try the Shilonda trail trekking in Mumbai for sure if you are someone from Mumbai.


So, the Mumbai peeps, are you ready to go on a nice and a fun trekking in Mumbai expedition to all these wonderful places? Well, if you are not, it is high time you must. A trek to all these places is the perfect way to skip the madness of the city life for few days and rejuvenate.

Yes, adventurers and travellers rejuvenate in this way and so must you. You can head over to our website at www.togedr.com and search for some upcoming treks to these places and you can also reach out to us directly for the upcoming trek info. Let’s trek to these places Togedr.

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