10 Best Things to do in Dandeli

Dandeli is situated in the Western Ghats in the state of Karnataka and is known for its beautiful landscapes marked with dense forests, mountains, streams and rivers. The Kali river flows through this region and is a great place for river rafting and kayaking.

There are many other such adventure activities like river crossing that can be done here. For people who like a relaxed holiday amidst nature, there are provisions of jungle camps or tents where you can stay.

The list of things and activities you can be part in Dandeli are numerous. We therefore bring to you the 10 best things to do in Dandeli :

#1 River Rafting in Kali River

Credit: RI Vin

White river rafting in Kali river is an activity that should not be missed by any chance while on a trip to Dandeli. The rafting stretch is around 12 kilometers in length and has various types of rapids of various categories that can suit the abilities of experienced rafters and the beginners.

The rafting is done in the supervision of experts and all safety standards are followed. Gliding through rocky terrains and whirlpools of the Kali river, this rafting experience takes around 4 hours in total to get completed.

Stunning landscapes comprising lush green forests with mountains in the backdrop can be witnessed while rafting. These forests are home to a number of plants, animals and birds.

#2 Wildlife Safari in Dandeli

Credit: Arjun

The Dandeli Anshi Tiger Reserve situated in Dandeli is home to a number of rare flora and fauna. There are also around 300 different species of birds making it a great place for birdwatchers. Bookings for the safaris need to be done in advance and happens twice everyday.

One of the safari timings is in the morning while the other happens in the afternoon. The safari happens in an open jeep and there are guides to help you know more details about this place and the animals that live here. This is fun and great learning experience.

#3 Adventure sports in Dandeli

Credit: Vacation Planners

Other than being known for its beautiful locales, there are also a good number of adventure sports in Dandeli that people can indulge in during their stay here.

With the Kali river flowing through the entire region, it is a great place for white river rafting. Other activities that can be done here are kayaking, camping and jungle trekking which are extremely thrilling and adventurous.

#4 Kayaking in Dandeli

Credit: Arjun K

A kayak ride through the Kali river can be a very thrilling experience. While kayaking you can also witness the beautiful lush green forests and landscapes that are present on the two sides of the river.

The best part of kayaking is that you can go on your own pace and enjoy the way you want to. It does not require much of any expertise or any prior training. Some basic demonstrations on how to paddle through the waters can help.

#5 Jungle Camping in Dandeli

Credit: Akhil

Surrounded by forests and situated by the banks of the Kali river, Dandeli is a great place for jungle camping. This is the best way to experience and witness nature from a close distance.

Set up your tents by the banks of the river and lie down outside your tent watching the stars in the night sky. There are a number of jungle camps in Dandeli where you can book your stay. Light up a bonfire and then jam to your favorite songs on your guitar.

You can also cook food together near the camp. Wake up to the chirping of birds that live here in the forests and breathe in all the fresh air. Jungle Camping in Dandeli surely is a lovely experience.

#6 Mountain Biking in the Forest of Dandeli

Credit: Shankar Kumar

While most people associate Dandeli with activities like white river rafting or camping but there is also mountain biking which is an equally thrilling activity. The rocky terrain passing through dense forests serves as a great place for mountain biking.

There are guides available who can help you find the right routes suiting your riding skills. The ride distances can range from 7 to 14 kilometers based on your preference. You can also do mountain bike races amongst each other. Mornings are the best times to do this activity.

#7 Coracle Boat Ride

Credit: Anoop M S

Coracles are small local boats which are round in shape and are made with bamboo. There are also waterproof materials to protect it from water. A ride in this lightweight boat on the waters of Kali river can be extremely enjoyable.

These are generally used by the fishermen. A coracle ride helps you see all the natural surroundings properly and completely. This is the best activity for people who like relaxed adventure activities.

#8 Trekking in Dandeli

Credit: Hishek

Trekking in Dandeli is one of the hidden treasures here which not many people know about.  The forests here are home to a number of such jungle treks. Some of the popular trekking routes here are the Kavala Caves trek, Kulgi- Nagzari Valley trek and Potoli Shiroli trek.

The Kavala forest trek is around 4 kilometers in total length and requires you to climb down around 350 steps. These treks can great places to catch glimpses of birds like horn bills. There are infarct some trails designed for bird watching only.

#9 River Crossing in Dandeli

Credit: Ri Vin

To think river crossing as an adventure activity can be quite unimaginable generally but in Dandeli is a rather adventurous and enjoyable activity. A rope is tied on both sides of the river and a harness is used to cross the river.

You can feel the force of the water flow in the river. It does not require any prior training and just requires balance and concentration. River crossing refreshes the mind and is thoroughly exciting.

#10 Kulgi Nature Camp Dandeli

Credit: Suresh Kumar

The Kulgi Nature Camp is located amidst the forests and has all arrangements for a rather memorable vacation. This is run by the Karnataka forest department and is the best place for nature and wildlife lovers.

There are well furnished tents spread over around 10 acres of land. There is also a library, dormitory and other such amenities.There is a bird watching trail nearby where you can spot some rare variety of birds. Food here is simple and delicious.

It is great place also to try out the cuisine of North Karnataka. Jungle safari to the Dandeli National Park and adventure activities like jungle treks, white river rafting etc are arranged from here.

There is also a small museum and a nature interpretation camp inside the premises. It is a perfect place to unwind and take a break from the regular hectic life.


Adventure activities to sightseeing, Dandeli has innumerable options in things to do. It serves as a great weekend getaway from Bangalore. It is a great place for nature lovers.

For people who have a busy hectic life, Dandeli offers a rather relaxed holiday amidst nature. Dandeli boasts of some stunning landscapes as well. Therefore planning a trip to Dandeli is something that is highly recommended.

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