Best places to visit near Mumbai from 100 to 500 km with budget 

It’s that time of the year again. With the schools and colleges closed because of the heat waves, we have more than ample time in our hands. The perfect time to finally use “#wanderlust and #serendipity” for your Instagram profile photos and update your Facebook status to “Having fun with Angel Priya and 43 others”.

If the gentle sea breeze blowing through the window of your Bandra 3BHK duplex apartment doesn’t convince you that you need a vacation, then nothing else ever would. Even if you are a little tight on the monetary end, there are places close to Mumbai and places to visit in Mumbai with a family that you can consider scoping once.

These places do not necessarily require any specific planning but only the will and the perfect guide for places around Mumbai for the weekend. There are various tourist spots near Mumbai which require minimal planning and a little from your savings. Be it a picnic spot in Mumbai list or beaches near Mumbai for the weekend, we have a lot of options for to choose from. Here is a list of places to visit near Mumbai for the weekend:


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Stories of nature:Journey of life

This can be one of the best long weekend getaways from Mumbai if you cannot spare a more than 3 days trip near Mumbai. Among the places to visit near Mumbai for the weekend, Karjat is one of the most popular. It is located on the banks of the river Ulhas.

It is nearly unexploited and stands as the epitome of mountainous beauty topped with the serene view of the river. Situated at approximately 80 kilometres from Mumbai, Karjat is a small village and the last station of the district of Thane.

It is famous for its trekking spots and hence attract a huge crowd of adrenaline junkies. It is also the connecting point between Lonavala and Pune. The place is fairly cheap, with hotel prices starting from 700 and climb according to your need and use. This makes Karjat, one of the best weekend getaways from Mumbai.

Karjat is the house of the famous Kondana Caves which depicts the ancient lives of the early Buddhists. The caves host a number of sculptures, stupas, viharas (Residence of the monks) and chaityas.

There is also a very famous fort, Kothaligad or the Peth ford which is hands down one of the best one-day picnic spots near Thane. There is also a hill fort which Is famous for its trekking spots. If you are not planning to go on a trek, this place and its neighbouring areas can also serve as the perfect monsoon getaways near Mumbai.


Karnala cannot be forgotten when it comes to places to visit near Mumbai: weekend. Apart from its natural flora, Karnala is home to more than 150 species of birds, with its famous Karnala bird sanctuary attracting bird enthusiasts from all around the world. It is a fort city and is located in the bosom of nature. This makes it a quiet and secluded place and serves as a perfect long weekend getaway from Mumbai for couples.


Faith to fly, wings to journey

The place is easily accessible through the dense and extensive railway network. Panvel is the nearest station but there is a regular supply of local transportation available to reach the place.

If you want an easier mode of transportation and can spend a little extra, there are taxis and cabs available through the clock that can take you directly to Karnala. The road is anyways the best way to reach Karnala as there are direct roads connecting Mumbai to the place.

Owing to the unspoilt natural diversity this place also becomes one of the best monsoon getaways near Mumbai and promises a fun time for the entire family. No matter what your taste is, nature has a way to captivate you.

Apart from the famous fort and the bird sanctuary, there are also various temples, notable ones are The Shiva Temple, built in 1060 AD and is upheld by both Shivaites and Vaishnavites and the Bhavani Khadageshwar Temple which is located amidst Buddist sculptures on a mountain peak and stands with an aura of majesty. The verdant forest behind and the tantalizing mountains create a mystical beauty.

These sights give Karnala its rightful place in the top “places around Mumbai for the weekend” for list or Tours to India.


Vasind is a prime tourist spot near Mumbai. It has its own railway station and hence is easily accessible from Mumbai and Thane which makes it one of the favourite one-day picnic spots near Thane and also puts it in the picnic spot in Mumbai list.

It hosts the Shrushti Farms, a popular monsoon getaway near Mumbai. It is only around 70 kilometres from Mumbai and lies on the NH-03 and is also accessible through the railway network (Kasara route) and is also the access point to other getaways like Shahapur.


Stories of eternal lives

The famous Shrushti farms and the connectivity and proximity of the place from Mumbai make it one of the best weekend getaways from Mumbai. Vasind is worth mentioning under other popular places close to Mumbai because of its Mahuli Fort which stands at a height of 2,815 feet.

It is an important trekking spot and frequented by climbers and trekkers. Vasind lies on the bank of the river Bhatsa and is ranked among the top picnic spot in Mumbai list. The place becomes even better during rains and you can stay at a campsite and enjoy the petrichor. This is why it is one of the famous monsoon getaways near Mumbai.


If you are looking for a 3 days trip near Mumbai we needn’t say more. Manori is from the most famous beaches near Mumbai for the weekend. Called the “Mini Goa” because of the activities and the various events that take place here.

The major attraction is the ferry ride to the Malad Marve which also happens to have the prime spot in the category of beaches near Mumbai for the weekend. It is surrounded by rows of casuarina trees and the scenic beauty also makes them the perfect places to visit in Mumbai with Family.


Feel the peace resides in the waves of tides.

The crowd and the connectivity make it a prime tourist spot near Mumbai, with people who are looking for long weekend getaways from Mumbai, frolicking there in numbers to spend some secluded time at the place where the sea meets the land.

The travel to the beach is also painless, and a person looking for 3 days trip near Mumbai can easily have a relaxing long weekend away from the city’s hustle, located at just 40 kilometres from the city, it can be travelled in about an hour through a car.

It is also accessible through a ferry from Borivali that takes about 15 minutes. Which also makes it one of the top 5 entries in the picnic spot near Mumbai list. It is also one of the favoured places to visit in Mumbai with family.


Talking about best weekend getaways near Mumbai brings us to Alibaug with its beach, fort and temple all in one place. It is one of the favourite places close to Mumbai and annually hosts thousands of people looking for places around Mumbai for the weekend.

It has a vast shoreline which gives it the upper hand over other beaches near Mumbai for the weekend. Apart from the beach, the Kolaba fort is also a prime tourist spot near Mumbai. Known for its heritage value, this fort is an architectural marvel and can be reached by a ferry ride.

The other important place to visit while in Alibaug is the Devasthan Temple which has a humungous 54- feet statue of Lord Shiva and is famous for its Shivratri celebrations.


The calmness of the tides soothing peace to mind.

Accommodation is not an issue here, as several locals also rent out their cottages to tourists. This last detail here makes it extremely pocket-friendly. The other major attractions are the kite surfing, kayaking and the paragliding experiences one can get here.

It is located at just about 90 kilometres from Mumbai and the best way to reach it is through a private car or a cab.

The Elephanta Caves

One of the most famous caves in all of India is the Elephanta caves. Situated at just 25 kilometres from Mumbai, it becomes one of the most visited places among people who are looking for one-day picnic spots near Thane or Mumbai.

These caves, apart from being famous for their heritage and history also attract tourists because of its connectivity and the ferry ride taken to reach the spot. It is an important tourist spot near Mumbai as it not only symbolises Indian history but also gives us a glimpse of Portuguese architecture who first found the caves.

A 3 days trip near Mumbai would surely land us here as it is one of the most convenient travels. If we were to write a book “Places to Visit Near Mumbai: Weekend Edition” we would gladly and surely put these 5th-century marvels among the top ten in the list.


UNESCO world heritage site:The elephanta caves

These are a few places close to Mumbai one can consider, although not an exhaustive list if you’re looking for long weekend getaways from Mumbai or a one-day picnic spot near Thane.

There are various other places to visit in Mumbai with family or as a couple’s retreat to ease into the new life or just blow some steam off from the daily tedious schedule of life and death. There are certain places around Mumbai which a person can scope if they are looking for monsoon getaways near Mumbai as the season is upon us already.


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