30 Best Tourist Places in India | Best Places in India for Tour

Best Places in India for Tour – India is one beautiful country and I have been given the toughest task of penning down the 30 best places in India for tour. Like come on, how is that even possible. There will be 30 or more places in each state of India to visit for their own reasons.

But, since this task is given then let us complete it like a pro. India has 29 states and each of them are famous for their individuality and nothing about 2 states of India are similar to each other. That is our beauty of culture and traditions. Just cross a border of the state, and you will be at a new place altogether.

Talking about the tourist places, surely they are not going to be fit in this small number but we are sharing some of the best ones that you must tour in your lifetime.

Some of these are small towns and some of them are popular hill stations. We tried to cover those places from which you will collect the best ever experiences of India like never before. Each of the place described below have a beauty of their own and they cannot be compared with others.

P.S – Let us get started with a digital India tour so that you can figure out and plan your next upcoming trips.

#1. Jim Corbett Safari

To begin with, Jim Corbett is one of the fanciest national parks in India that is a must visit. Keep away the age barrier from visiting and exploring the national parks in India and go for this trip. It is a great trip to take with friends, family, or even solo for more adventurous stuff.

The national parks aren’t just about viewing the exotic and beautiful animals, but so much crazy adventure is involved in it. It is nothing less than having a fancy ride in the jungle along with your best friends and some dangerous wild animals. Imagine going for a ride in an open jeep and experiencing the Jim Corbett safari with wild animals like tigers, elephants, etc all around you.

Jungle safari experience is one of the craziest things to do in your life and to give you the adventure chills, we started with the Jim Corbett safari tour.

#2. Pushkar

Pushkar is one of the underrated cities of the country when it comes to travelling and exploring. It is called the land of temples because of so many temples in the city.

The small town in Rajasthan is so much more when it comes to travelling and exploring the Indian culture. Rajasthan, the land of the royal Rajputs, is categorized by the grand palaces and forts, and this small and a serene town is all about gorgeous temples and rich experiences of the Indian tradition giving it a contrast.

Pushkar mela is one of the very famous festivals of the country that you must not miss if you are an avid traveler. It is an yearly festival and travelers from all over the world come to explore this Pushkar mela.

Other than this, you can visit the place for some serene and relaxing time away from the city life.

#3. Dharamshala

Hill lovers call Dharamshala as their paradise and we cannot agree any less! Honestly, it is the most beautiful hill station of Himchal Pradesh and we can never have enough of the sights of the place.

The vibe of the town is serene, peaceful, comforting, natural, and also extremely gorgeous. Earlier it was quite offbeat but not anymore because of its popularity among st the city dwellers.

If you don’t know, it is the holy residence of none other than Dalai Lama and that is the reason you will find a lot of Tibetan monks that make for great backdrops for the pictures. To be honest, Dharamshala is pleasant with temperature in the summers but it looks all the way more beautiful during the winters with those huts and colorful monks covered under the snow.

You have actually not seen the Indian hill stations if you haven’t been to Dharamshala.

#4. Spiti Valley Trek

Raise your hands in you are a trekker and adventure flows through your veins. One of the best Indian trek destinations has to be the Spiti Valley Trek. The view of the endless roads, picturesque valleys, cold deserts, and mountains in the front make for the best sights ever. This sight increases the adrenaline rush within you just through photos, leave aside actually going on those trips.

Spiti is also located in the Himachal Pradesh and its appearance changes with the season and of course we are a fan of it during the winters and white scenes. Also, during the winters, it becomes one of the coldest places in the country.

Spiti valley trek is one of the adventurous and fancy treks that every trekker must take in their life even if the conditions become extreme.

#5. Auli, Uttarakhand

Auli Uttarakhand is an offbeat and not a very popular destination in Uttarakhand that is getting popular among st the trekkers now. It is worth visiting and spending some solace time.

Auli is one of those destinations whose beauty is untouched by the humans hence it is incredible. The place is great for trekking, solo tripping, and also a lot of pilgrims visit the place because of religious places nearby. Auli is a mesmerizing hill station covered with Nar Parvat mountains and the Nanda Devi peak from the sides.

The oak and coniferous forests all around in this hill station makes for a picturesque sight. Since, not a lot of people visit the place, it is quite amazing for seeking some solace time and enjoy the solitude. If you are done with Dehradun & Mussoorie, you got to visit Auli Uttarakhand because it is so gorgeous.

Google the pictures for some more insight and view of the place!

#6. Ranthambore Fort

Ranthambore, Rajasthan is yet another beautiful and a splendid place to be. For all the nature lovers out there, this is a great destination for you. This is an adventurous plus a leisure trip wherein you will be exploring the flora and fauna in the Nataional park and staying in leisure while glam ping or being in the tree houses.

Imagine a trip where you would be experiencing a jeep ride in the jungle amidst the lush green flora and bumping onto real Indian tigers in front of you? Isn’t it a next level experience that you should have in your life no matter what! Ranthambore is a different kind of trip in the royal Rajasthan state where you wont find gorgeous palaces all over but the Ranthambore fort is a must visit place too. The place is famous for extreme hot climate.

Ranthambore national parks is one of the biggest parks of the country and is surrounded by the Aravalli and the Vindhya ranges and on one side it also has Thar desert. Hills, lakes, and deserts make for such a great view.

#7. Nainital

Another very famous and extremely soothing hill station of Uttarakhand has to be Nainital. During the summers, Nainital is the saviour for the people of Delhi and Rajasthan to just go unwind, and enjoy some soothing days. Nainital is all things beautiful and a treat to the eyes and soul. It is in the Kumaon district.

The main attraction of Nainital is lake Naini and a lot of greenery all around. Just sitting around this lake for hours is really a delightful experience that we city dwellers need in our life to escape the monotonous routine. The vibe here is so positive and splendid.

Talking about the Nainital visiting places, here are some of the top spots to visit like the Tiffing top, snow view point, gurney house etc. They are some of the top tourist places of the city and you must visit them without being lazy.

The streets with trees from both sides are a common pleasing side in Nainital.

#8. Shimla

Right from Uttarakhand, taking you back to Himachal Pradesh! If we talk about the best hill stations of India, we cannot miss mentioning Shimla at all. The city is also given the title of the queen of Himachal Pradesh and we totally agree with this.

The vibe of Shimla is vintage because of the Shimla tourist places and slightly it give the English feels for some reason. If you have visited Shimla, you will understand this.

The green flora, beautiful lakes, old and dilapidated buildings, and silent roads is what makes Shimla evident and different from other cities and with snow clad mountains during the winters, the hill station looks heavenly.

All the seasons are favorable to have a vacation in the town. The best way to enjoy in Shimla is by staying at cottages, enjoying a barbeque followed by bonfire nights. Such a pleasing experience! Shimla tourist places are next level pretty.

#9. Mussoorie

Mussorrie India is a busy hill station in Uttarakhand and is famous for being called as the Queen of hills. Personally, it is the best tag given to the city because as you enter Mussoorie, you will only see the sight of hills only. It is mountains on all sides and this is not a sight in all the hill stations, mind you. The wide roads make for a perfect road tripping and the best part is that you are not stuck in the traffic.

You have a lot of attractions and tourist points in Mussorrie and the most famous one has to be the Mall road that is famous for shopping and eating. It is very lively place to hang around and stay for a while.

The best part about this trip is taking a road trip from Dehradun to Mussoorie because it is one of the most relaxed and a beautiful road trip to do in the hills.

#10. Thar Desert

India is a heritage country and everything about India is so beautiful. The Thar desert, called as the Great Indian desert is such a delightful place to be in. It is the 17the largest desert in the world. The tour of India is incomplete without visiting the Thar desert. Also, mentioning to make it clear that Thar desert is in Jaisalmer and the Desert National Park has fossils of plants and animals of over 180 million years old. So, you can check that out too.

The best way to explore the Thar desert is by a camel ride or a camel safari. And camel is called the ship of the desert and you must have this experience too. There are also a large number of animals and birds that are found here which are extinct in all the other parts of the country. The Great Indian Custard, Indian wild ass, etc are found here and they make for an exquisite sight too.

The sunrise and the sunset from the Thar desert is great to experience.

#11. Kamshet Pune

Kamshet is a small town near Pune city that is famous amongst the college students, couples, and the adventure freaks for camping, paragliding, and hiking. Kamshet Pune is just 45 kms from the city so you can reach there within an hour.

This is the reason why Pune peeps spend most of their weekends at Kamshet. It is a peaceful, silent, and a perfect escape from the city life that you can get on budget. Lakes, hills, and enough greenery is found all around the area and that makes it more nature friendly. You can truly enjoy the piece of nature by being here.

Some famous spots of Kamshet Pune are Kondeshwar temple and the waterfall nearby, Kondeshwar cliff, Shelar, Bhairi cave, and Tower Hill. These places are pretty crowded and you can totally skip them if you are just there for relaxation or for adventure activities.

The sight of the waterfalls and cliffs is really pleasing to the eyes. You will see beautiful clear blue azure sky from.

#12. Alibaug Beach

Alibaug Beach

Alibaug is again a small town in Maharashtra but a very famous vacation spot for the people of Pune and Mumbai. Alibaug is majorly famous for the beaches, shacks, and the water activities.

Alibaug beach is in fact one of the most popular beaches of Maharashtra and people love spending time there. Alibaug beaches are also quite clean, serene, and they also have shacks on their beaches. The town is quite hot during the summers, so it is ideal to visit the place during the winters or Monsoons.

If you are travelling to Alibaug from Mumbai, then one interesting way to go is by a ferry ride and practically it is also the most convenient way. You can also visit Colaba Fort and more places nearby as there are a lot of touristy things to do in Alibaug. River rafting is one of the most famous thing to try here.

#13. Panchgani India

Panchgani is near to Mahabaleshwar and is one of the most accessible weekend getaway destinations from Pune. The distance of Panchgani from Pune is 100kms and takes around 3 hours to reach via road trip which is very fun and exciting.

The highway is really beautiful and this makes the road trip a lot more fun. Some of the best attractions of Panchgani India are Table land, Sydney point, Parsi Point, and Devil’s kitchen. So, visit these place when you are in the town. Mahabaleshwar is also quite near to Panchgani, so make sure to have a visit to that place too.

If you love adventure and would want to try your hands on adventure sports then you can try out parasailing. It is quite famous and a lot of people do that. And horse riding in Mahabaleshwar is also very famous and entertaining to not do.

#14. Rajmachi Trek

The trekkers and adventure enthusiast of Mumbai and Pune, are you listening? The Rajmachi trek is one of the most famous treks of Mumbai area. It is 95 kms from Mumbai and is in the Udhewadi region of Maharashtra.

There are various routes of this trek and you can decide upon the difficulty level which one you would want to take and go further with. The tough and the challenging trail of the trek starts from the Kondana caves. The easy trail of the trek is not so fun comparatively but if you don’t want to go for trekking, you can skip that.

The top of the trek at the Rajmachi fort is the best point in the whole trek to enjoy some scenic views. It is one of the historic forts of the country that is in the rugged hills of the Shayadri mountains. Rajmachi trek is an affordable one too.

#15. Mahabaleshwar Temple

Mahabaleshwar is a pleasing place to unwind from the city life hustle and enjoy some serene time amidst nature. It is a hill station where you will find a lot of greenery and views from the hill are breathtaking.

Since, it is near to Pune and Mumbai, the weekend crowd is of the people of these cities mostly. It is also a very convenient and affordable place for a holiday. The sunrise view from the hills over here is the thing that tourist crave to experience.

You will find a lot of greenery all around this hill station and it is not like the typical hill station. Mahabaleshwar is also called the land of strawberries and the Mapro garden of the place is a very famous tourist spot. You can enjoy in the garden of strawberries and have some shakes of it as well.

The Mahabaleshwar temple is a must visit place in the hill station and along with this, Wilson Point, Venna lake and Tapola lake are the other beautiful spots to explore.

#16. Lavasa

Lavasa is a beautifully constructed city and it is called the Europe of India. The cinstruction and the colours of the houses give you major Copenhagen vibes.

With the lake at one side and city development on the other, the beauty of Lavasa is not something that you would see in any other city of India. Lavasa in Pune is majorly famous for its beauty and the construction idea. It is a beautifully well maintained place that makes you feel that you are in an abroad city.

The road trip to Lavasa from Pune is also filled with amazing sights and broad roads. You can try out various activities in Lavasa like boating, cycling, zipline, zorbing, rock climbing, and some other light and fun activities. A nature walk, meditation, sitting by the lake, chilling at cafes, etc are some of the fun relaxed things to do in Lavasa in Pune.

Lavasa in Pune is such a stunning place to even think of missing out.

#17. Mount Abu

If you thought Rajasthan is all about deserts, palaces, forts, and monuments then you are probably wrong. The state also has a gem hill station which was considered to be a pilgrimage as the Sage Vashistha retired at this hill station.

This is one of the best hill stations in the country. To provide a sense of relaxation and break the monotony of the drought plains of the state, this is a breath of fresh air. The natural splendor of the city makes it one of the most famous spots to visit.

Even if it is a hill station, it is mandatory to remember that it is the hill station of Rajasthan hence the royal demeanor of the place is not lost. There are few forts, lakes, temples, parks, peaks, and other beautiful attractions in Mount Abu that you got to visit.

It is such a delightful escape from the hot cities of Rajasthan.

#18. Sunderbans National Park

Sunderbans National Park is the topmost National parks of our country. The experience that you get here is so surreal and peaceful that it makes for visiting this place surely.

The place has also been declared as the World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The vast stretch of the National Park extends up till Bangladesh. It has 54 islands spread in the whole area of the park. How wonderful is that for the travellers.

There is no other National park in the country to view the magnificent view of the wild Indian tigers. It is officially an abode of 400 Indian wild tigers. Apart from the tigers, there are a lot of other wild animals as well. Such trips should be taken by you in your lifetime specially when you are in your 20s and you should visit all the major National parks of the country.

Sunderbans National Park is truly the prettiest of them all!

#19. Sandakphu Trek

The Sandakhphu peak is one of the top 5 highest peaks of the world. Yes, if you didn’t know about this, then you must because you are missing out on a lot of beautiful places.

The sight of the nearby peaks from the Sandakphu top is totally unreal and fancy for the eyes. Another beautiful sight over here will be a bunch of orchid assortments that make the land even prettier.

This is one of the best treks that the trekkers and the wild adventurers go for. Do not compensate yourself by not going on this trek if trekking is your life.

Sandakhphu trek is rated high by the trekkers and the adventurers all around the world. It is in Darjeeling in West Bengal and that could be one of the reasons for it being not very popular amongst the mediocre trekkers because Darjeeling and West Bengal and bit underrated for trekking.

#20. Sikkim

We are pure lovers of North East because we feel it is the gem of our country when it comes to natural beauty but also North East is that one part of the country whose beauty is always underrated.

A lot of people of India and also abroad do not consider North East as the best place for travelling. All the cities of North East are beautiful and exceptionally amazing for travel but Sikkim has to be the best of the best. It is the gem of the gem state. Also, because of less crowd and less popularity the place is not adulterated with man’s touch and filters.

The gigantic views of the mountains along with the calm views of the lakes, is what comprises the scenic beauty of Sikkim. Buddhist temples, old cafes, calm lakes, picturesque sights, and a bit of adventure can make your whole trip to the place a worthy one. Budhist is the culture prevailing here. Sikkim tourist places are not to be missed when you are around.

#21. Darjeeling and Gangtok

Along with Mussoorie, Darjeeling is also called as the queen of hills and we again totally agree with this. One prominent sight in Darjeeling is he sight of the mountains from all the sides. Yes, they form for a panoramic view of the mountains.

It is one of the most preferred hill station or the weekend getaway place in the Eastern side of India. The place looks quite majestic and unreal because of how it is planned. It is actually a small town but the vibe of the hill station is very pleasing.

The place is quite affordable and you can have a lavish trip to the place in your budget. The sights of the tea gardens, delightful view of Mt Kanchenjunga, forests of pines and rhododendrons, orchid lands, and some beautiful lakes makes for gorgeous sights at Darjeeling.

Gangtok is a small town a bit far from Darjeeling and it is even more gorgeous. Your trip to Darjeeling is actually incomplete without visiting Gangtok.

#22. Coorg

Let me introduce you to the Scotland of India and that is Coorg. This is a pretty hill station in the South India and saying it beautiful would be an understatement for the place. In Coorg the landscapes keep changing from forests to streams and more.

You won’t get enough with the picturesque sights at Coorg. The best sight is of the sights of the tea and the coffee plantations. This is truly a heaven for the coffee lovers because the smell from these plantations is amazing. And you cannot leave the city without having some coffee and tea.

The trekking in Coorg is also a famous activity to try out and it feels more surreal with the scenic waterfalls on one side with azure blue sky above. The cottages amidst the coffee plantations are the best place to stay and make the most of your vacation. Take at least 4 to 5 days in your hand to explore this place at its best.

#23. Wayanad

South India is famous for some small towns and hill stations that are super incredible in terms of nature and beauty. These places are the best for travel and weekend getaways.

Since, they are near to the major cities and also they are budget friendly, a lot of people from these metro cities visit these smaller places for relaxing and spending some time with nature. Wayanad is in Kerela and is a rural district.

There are a lot of adventurous things to try out in Wayanad like visiting the Wayand wildlife sanctuary, edakkal caves, doing river rafting at the Kuruvadeep, and being around the cascading Soochipara waterfalls. All these things make Wayanad beautiful and the place to spend your weekends to the fullest. Not a lot of crowd visit the place on regular basis and hence it is always amazing to go.

Are you ready to have your next holiday at Wayanad in Kerela?

#24. Alleyppey Beach

Let us talk about one of the  most pleasing and beautiful beaches of India and that is Alley-ppey beach. The natural beauty of this beach and the cleanliness all around makes this beach very famous among st the tourists. You will find dense palm groves all over the beach, a beautiful garden at the sea shore which is quite unique, and an ancient lighthouse.

Picnics are majorly done here by the families. Other than picnics, the next best activity to try out here is relaxing near the beach.

You will definitely feel that you are soaking in the natural beauty and the do not miss the beauty of the sunrise and the sunset from here. Alleypey beach is in Kerela. And all these beautiful places makes Kerela, the original God’s own country. It is beautiful by every means and there isn’t reason to not love it.

#25. Munnar

India is a big country and every city in the same state has a lot of new things to offer. Munnar is another beautiful hill station in Kerala and it is so much different from Wayanad. This is also one of the famous tourist places of the country. It is not only an ideal weekend spot but also a major tourist place in the country. People from all over the world visit Munnar to explore it to the best. It is actually a former resort for the British raj elite.

You will find the rolling hills all over in this place and the tea plantations are the most iconic landscape to view here. A lot of huts and cottages are made amidst these plantations in a very intelligent way for the tourists to have a great experience of the nature. The Munnar tourist places that are famous are some parks, dams, and of course tea museums.

Have tea at Munnar for sure!

#26. Hampi

Taking you to the heritage side of India with Hampi Karnataka! The old and dilapidated city is famous among st the tourists to explore and experience those ruins.

Can you believe? Truly said, there is something about the things that are old and broken and of course beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. And to add a validation to this point, Hampi is declared as the World Heritage Sight by UNESCO. Hampi Karnataka is one of the most famous places for vacationing especially for the people around Bangalore and other South Indian cities.

Hampi is a small town with ruins of the ancient buildings, sights of the old forts, vintage ambiance, and basically everything rustic. A trip to Hampi is budget friendly and yet you can explore it in the best way.

The view of the sunrise and sunset from Hampi is totally mesmerising. Camping and hiking are the two famous activities to try out here.

#27. Ooty

From past few places, we are talking about the beautiful places of South India and how can we even not mention Ooty in this list. It is a hill station in Tamil Nadu and it is the best hill station of the state for sure. Ooty is surrounded by trees on all sides and it looks like a hill resort.

There are so many things to explore in Ooty and spend fabulous days there. This one is a charming hill station with the most pleasant weather from which you would not want to return soon.

The beautiful and ever so gorgeous Ooty city is located in the Nilgiris and you will always find dense vegetation, plateaus, hills, gardens, eucalyptus trees all over the place. You can visit Ooty at anytime of the year and you will return with the best of the memories.

You can never get bored of Ooty no matter what time you are going and with whom you are going. The place in itself is enough.

#28. Bheemeshwari

Are you an adventure lover and would love spending your weekends at the Adventurous places doing the adventurous stuff? Then, here is the ultimate weekend destination for you from Bangalore and other places of Karnataka. Bheemeshwari is just 100 kms from Bangalore and that is the reason why it attracts so many Bangalorians to the place during the weekends. Bheemeshwari adventure is one of the best rated adventures in the state.

The landscape that you will view at the place is spectacular and there is a variety in the landscape which makes it interesting. Bheemeshwari is one of the most ideal places for staying close to the nature and also for adventure activities like trekking, mountain biking, river rafting, ziplining, kayaking, river rafting and hiking.

The setting of the location of the place is really dreamy in the middle of the dense forests on the banks of the Cauvery river.

#29. Kannur

Taking you back to Kerela with one of its most amazing but kind of also underrated place that is Kannur. Kannur is also called as the Crown of Kerala because it has some natural treasures in it. It was also called as the City of Looms and Lores because of the Loom industry. Now, it is a beautiful place to have a great relaxing holiday as there are some amazing Kannur tourist places to explore.

There are nature parks, temples and sacred places, beaches, forts, church, peaks, and the local markets. A weekend will be totally well spent with the great number of staying options available there. If you are a beach person, then you will have a nice holiday at Kannur.

Do not underrate it because the place has a lot of things to offer. This is a one stop destination for all kinds of nature lovers.

#30. Lakshadweep Islands

What are dreams made of? A place where you can see the azure blue sky touching the clean ocean water and you sitting by the side and viewing this! Are we wrong? Lakshadweep is straight out of the heaven place and it is everything fancy and magical. The island city is a vacation destination that you must go for even if you are not a beach person. You will fell in love with beaches, take our word.

Imagine your life on the islands surrounded by the palm trees, seas, shacks, and clean sand. This is so surreal. The land is away from the chaotic hustle and it is everything peaceful. Apart from chilling and having the most relaxed holiday of your life, you can also indulge in activities like yachting, kayaking, water skeeing, snorkelling, scuba diving, canoeing, and wind surfing.

You can also see the coral reef formation only in Lakshadweep and this is something you should look forward to. There is a lot of beauty to check out and you don’t even know.


These were our top 30 places to tour in India for sure. It was tough for us but we did it! We curated this list of 30 places in India and we think we are not biased but totally honest with you guys.

We know you must be thinking a lot of other places are there that deserve to be on this list, but come on, we could just fit 30 in this blog. We also tried to cover all those places of different genres and not having the same vibe.

Tell us, how many of the above places have you already been on a trip to? And how many of these are in your bucket list? We would love to know your travel stories and wander lust so go ahead and share it with us. Happy tripping and cheers to adventure.

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