8 Best Beaches Near Mumbai

Beaches Near Mumbai – We know the time is running along with this, people are also running towards money and money but as nowadays we got to know that money is not everything, we need to chill,

we need to enjoy our life, spend time with nature, family and have a lot of fun. But all in all we all know that time is everything, to feel the nature and to get out from this pollution masked city, to enjoy the weekend without taking leave of adjacent days alibaug will the best option for people specially Mumbaikars, Pune people and nearby areas.

Alibaug, is a hidden gem with a lot of places to explore, beaches, sights to visit and see. This town is filled with beautiful beaches that make it an absolute go to place for a trip on a budget. While Enjoying the ample number of beaches   which gives you a spectacular view of the Arabian Sea, it can also be an ideal place for those who enjoy history as it has forts, museums to observatories, this place has it all in it.

So, taking a trip to beautiful Alibaug and let this town charm and enhance you with its magnificence, So among all the best beaches in India, Alibaug Beach is filled with buzzing beach shacks and has a long coastline that makes people to spend their weekend here.

Featuring those sprawling shores of black sand becomes an ideal for a leisure stroll, enjoying most photogenic sunset, boat ride to the fort located mid-sea, and exploring fresh and syrupy seafood. The other things is how to reach there, so let me tell u Reaching Alibaug is quite simple and convenient, we can go by any means of transport,

By road

One can reach Alibaug via Panvel – Pen (30 km away), which is on the Mumbai (78 km away) – Goa highway. But the Alibaug-Nagaon road is very bad.

By train

The nearest rail railway station is at Pen. Through Pen, it is connected to Panvel and inwards to Mumbai and the Indian Railways network.

Boat services

The nearest jetty is Mandwa from where catamaran/ ferry services are available to Gateway of India, Mumbai. Another port in the local area is Re was, from where a ferry service is available to Bhaucha Dhakka in Mumbai.

While if you are worrying about the food and beverages, the place is full of restaurant and wine shops which change your flavour of food with its local food, like Sanman restaurant, specialises in seafood.

They have different Thalia with different fishes like Pom fret, etc. Each tali will have one fried piece and one curry piece of the fish. The rest of the items are also specialty of that area like bhaji (chapati) of rice powder, schoolkid (a refreshing appetizers prepared with the purple fruit amok (Garcia) and coconut milk).

Amul Ice Cream Parlour, and many more along with the bars, and soft drinks and liquor are easily available. But Beware there are lots of have duplicate liquor which is not good, best thing can be  that if you are from Mumbai then buy your drink in Mumbai and then go to alibaug. But beer is not duplicate.

Beaches Near Mumbai – 

#1 Alibaug beach

Beaches Near Mumbai

Beaches Near Mumbai

The popular beach of the Alibaug coast which is named one behalf of its popular person name is one of the most popular beaches with the sight of Colaba Fort providing the perfect view. A short boat ride from the beach will take you to the popular fort which has been the sight of many skirmishes in history.

The bastion was also the sight of the headquarters of the Maratha Army in older times. While here, you can also visit the Ganpati Temple, which is almost 400 years old. Popular among st locals as well as tourists, the Alibaug beach has remained popular for the past many years for its clean coastline with a touch of history of Alibaug.

#2 Nagaon beach

Beaches Near Mumbai

Beaches Near Mumbai

Nagaon beach is another cherry of alibaug beauty, popular mainly because of its cleanliness, water sport activities, uncluttered sands and surf. The beach is about 3 km long with the clean sands and undeterred coastline as well as proximity to other beaches like Akshi make it a preferred choice of residence for most. There are a few small hotels in Nagaon because the most of the area is privately owned. Best option to stay here to stay in cottages owned by local people.

The beach is also well known for various water sports in Alibaug. A walk through the coconut and betel nut plantations will surely refresh you to no end and provide that perfect freshness and energy from hustle and bustle of everyday life.It so located near Nagaon Village, Alibaug

#3 Kashid beach

Beaches Near Mumbai

Beaches Near Mumbai

It’s a beach town situated along the shores of the Arabian Sea, Kashid is located in the Northern Konkan Region of Maharashtra. Located approximately 30km away from Alibaug. This is an impartial beach that treats visitors with the unparalleled thoughts of the horizon and the pure blue crystal waters, that makes it one of the best Alibaug beaches

A beautiful combinations of colors in various forms like; the blue waters, the lush green fields, white sands and merry silver rivulets are all the blessings you can enjoy when you visit this beautiful beach which provides us the feel of paradise.

Its 3km long coastline is sandwiched between two solid cut off of rocky hills and bracketed by trenches of Carina trees on either side. During the weekends, the beach is filled  with the visitors and is like heaven. On this gorgeous beach which has stunning waves of epic quantities which provides perfect mood and venue for surfing and other water related adventure sports.

#4 Murud beach

It acts as a beautiful view point to the amazing fort of Murud- Janjira fort, the Murud Beach is a beautiful and peaceful venue located along the coast of Rajapuri.  This beach is located in Dapoli, Alibaug.

The sea floor is mostly smoother and easier to swim or play in it. It is also very safe for kids in terms of the dynamics of the waves and ocean movements. You can also indulge in various sports like paragliding or parasailing or just stroll in the fine sands to feel the sand between your toes.

A number of hotels, resorts and homestays are available in the area around Murud that is peaceful to the extent of seeming unpopulated with popular see viewing sight.

From Murud, there is a short ferry ride to the fort of Murud-Janjira, which has remained as beautiful and elegant as earlier despite of repeated attempts by the Dutch, Britishers, Maratha and other armies.

The people who loves the historical things also had fun by moving to this place and will discover a lot with fun and adventure.

#5 Varsoli beach

Visiting Varsoli beach Is like a different world, away from anything you have experienced until now. It is Located at a distance of about  3km far away from the main Alibaug Bus Depot, gives a spectacular spot to tourist destination which is blessed with beautiful natural sights.

It is  also Serving as a naval base of the Indian Navy,. The beach is dotted with a few rocky stretches which make it an ideal destination for water sports in Alibaug.

The rows of Carina trees covering  the shore look like a picture out of a a beautiful storybook. The beach is also famous for adventures and water sports such as Banana Boat Rides, Parasailing, water jets etc.

It is the perfect destination for all those looking for  a ride over the nature’s beauty to energies themselves and get freshness with some adrenaline pumping activities ,it is located at Raigad, Alibaug. Transportations is very well available from most of the places .

#6 Mandwa beach

I hope everyone knows about this place Mandwa, the one birthplace of vijay deena nath Chauhan in agneepath, it is known as the  weekend getaway destinations around Mumbai  because  the ferry service that runs between the gateway of India and Mandawa Port. It has a very beautiful beach which is said to be that diamond which is hard to find in the city side.

It is most  popular beach in Alibaug, it is also one of the most common due to Located close to the beaches of Alibaug and Kim, it comes forth as a destination abundant with comfort and peace, those two precious so hard to find in the city life.

The beach is full package of of a nature with  white sands shielded by the calming shade of the coconut palms and fronds dancing in the breeze. The Mandwa village too has its own charm of being a hamlet that is adorned in the simple pleasures of a laid back and idyllic lifestyle.

There are also various small farms and tremendous  plantations of bananas, mangoes, and coconut that keep you freshened  when you amble along the countryside. Mandwa can be easily reached from the nearby beaches by a rickshaw or in a private vehicle, and from periphery too.

#7 Akshi beach  

If you are looking for a clean and clutter free beach on your next holiday, then Akshi beach is what you should go for sure! It is One of the best Alibaug beaches and most beautiful beach, it lies in between the Nagaon and Alibaug beaches and does not found much inflow of tourists due to its location and seclusion. 

But yet it is Populated by the local peoples, it is one of the places where you can see the local lives of the residents come alive in all their colors and beauty!

The best way to experience the charm of Akshi beach is to stay in one of the beaches from cottages or homestays. Who doesn’t love waking up to the sound of seagulls and the whoosh of casuarina groves and Coconut Palms!
it is located in Raigarh District region, Alibaug .

#8 Revedna beach

In starting too I warned you regarding this diamond place, but still since everyone wants proof so this beach is one of the edge of that hidden diamond of alibaug.

Again If you are thinking to  explore the true nature of the Alibaug coasts, then Revedna is the incomparable choice for you. Revedna Beach is also famous for the Revedna fort which is located off the beach, and is accessible  easily. The fortress holds a great importance in history as this was the place where St. Francis Xavier delivered his first sermon in India.

The chapel (a small building or room used for Christian worship in a school, prison, hospital, or large private house ) still exists on the fort and the ruins tell a story of an era long back. Revdanda was also the place where the first Russian traveler landed in India and a monument hold testimony to the fact. This great historical place is also significant to the Jews in the are its is located 14 km from Kashid Beach, Kashid.

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