10 Adventure Sports which You Must do Before Turning 30

Adventure Sports – How many of my readers reading this post have a wish list in their life? I assume many of you must be having a bucket list of all the crazy things you want to do in life written in it. Personally, even I have a bucket list with a lot of secret things I wish to do once in life.

Just like the most of yours, some of my wishes are ticked off and some are still left. But, do not worry I am not here to bore you guys with my personal wish list but I am here to urge you to add few more things to your bucket list.

If you love adventure, you would be happy with this blog. And if you are not an adventure lover, still you would be glad reading this and would want to include these on your wish list. Here are ten adventure sports which you must do before turning 30.

Sounds exciting? Hell, yes! Time to look for some adventure packages right after this!

I am starting with the simplest but with a fantastic one. If you are in your twenties, I feel you must have already taken one such trip. But in any case, if you have not taken, do take it.

Hit for a weekend getaway near your place or any place of your choice with your friends. You will make a lot of memories that are never going to fade ever. Solo road trips are highly advisable if possible.

road trip with Togedr

  • Para Gliding/Para Sailing While on Holidays

Going in Goa must have been on your wish list but do not only visit Goa for relaxing on the beaches and enjoying the sunsets. Try some adventure sports like para-sailing over there.

These water sports are must to try over there because these are life experiences. Also, whenever you are going to hill stations, do try the sports like paragliding before you turn 30.

paragliding with Togedr

What’s living in twenties without ultimate rush in it? 20s are the trickiest decade of your life ever. You are figuring out a lot of things during this time but amidst that, you want to enjoy everything in these 10 years.

To keep up with the pace of this age try doing bungee jumping even if you are not fond of it. Make sure to book amazing adventure packages.

bungee jump withTogedr

In India, you must visit Kullu and Rishikesh for experiencing the ultimate river rafting adventure. Boating, sailing, going on ferry rides and everything will seem so mediocre to you after you have tried white water river rafting.

The sudden rush of water splashing your face with full force and still you are trying harder to move forward all by yourself on a river is an experience at least I, cannot explain in words.

river rafting with Togedr

  • Gazing Stars with your Loved Ones while Camping  ( Adventure Sports )

Most of you must not be adventure enthusiasts, agreed! I was not such a person before one year too. But, still you can enjoy some adventure sports like camping which does not require you to do much.

All you have to do is catch your partner or your friend and go on a perfect camping adventure tour. Spend a night in the jungle, experience the raw nature and simply sit and star gaze and not fall asleep.

camping with Togedr

  •  Roaming While Doing Jungle Safari

Yes, jungle safari is an adventure activity because watching a lion come in front of you without any protection is scary and adventurous. Personally, this one is my favourite and I can go on jungle safari every month but in a new place.

Seeing the beauty of the flora and fauna in their raw best form is a delight to the eyes and once in a lifetime kind of moment. You will be roaming the entire jungle in jeep like a royal person and trust me the feeling is savage.

jungle safari with Togedr

  •  Slide Up and Down Doing Snow Boarding

Hill stations are an amazing place to spend the summer days. But, hill stations are even more amazing during the high winter season. In the peak winter season, all the hill stations would have a sight of snow-capped mountains which is a beauty in itself.

And adventure activities like snowboarding happen during this time in full snowy mountains. The difficulty level of the sport varies and even beginners can do it easily and have a great time.

snow bording with Togedr

  •  Walk and Cross the Trails While Hiking

Another one of the simplest adventure sports which you must do before turning 30 is hiking or trekking. I would say these adventure activities are pleasing because they take you to beautiful paths and trails.

Once you complete and reach the highest point of the trek, you would see the most beautiful sight which is worth everything.hiking with Togedr


  • Targeting Your Frenemies with Paint Ball

One of the most interesting adventure sports is paintball. It takes you back to your childhood where you play with your friends and targets them in certain games.

But the level of difficulty of paintball is not so easy and gives you chills if you get targeted. It motivates you to hit your opponents and win. This game gives you the feeling of being in the army.

paintball with Togedr

  •  Kayaking after Chilling

Kayaking is yet another adventure sports which you must do before turning 30. It is a bit tough adventure game where you will be on the water in the kayaks in the white waters, mostly.

You will be all alone in the kayak so you must know swimming plus riding the kayaks. Even if you have not done any such thing in your life, you should still go for it because it is amazing

.kayaking with Togedr

No doubt there are numerous adventure sports which you must do before turning 30 but we kept these thinking the beginners as well as experienced people’s choices. Book great adventure packages and head out on your journey.

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