A lazy person’s guide to fitness in just 7 steps

Most of us are super lazy but we hardly do admit that in front of other people. But what are the symptoms of being lazy? How do you lose out on our fitness? Let us tell you few of them. Keeping the alarm clock set for every five minutes, not wanting to dress up every day, like to spend the Sundays on the couch, skipping the gym often and so much more can be the examples of being a lazy lad.

Well, if you are a lazy person and cannot keep up with your workout routines, then no worries guys, let us help your fitness plan even by being lazy. All you need to do is follow these steps.


The workout can be really boring when done alone, every day. So, one of the best things is to have a fun workout partner who will always be there with you while working out. There are also high chances that if you have a fun and an energetic partner then you would not miss your fitness workout sessions and also you will enjoy it.

A lazy person's guide to fitness in just 7 steps

Get a partner to work out with and make things fun.


Shopping is definitely a therapy. And if you are a lazy person and do not like workout then use something which makes you keep attached to it. One such way is to buy some cute and smart athleisure outfits which you would want to wear every day. Hence you would always want to do the workouts and gain fitness.

A lazy person's guide to fitness in just 7 steps

Take this opportunity to dress up.


We all motivate ourselves to go to the gym every day but our busy lives make us so tired that we do not want to hit the gym often. So, in this case, you can ditch the gym and set your own gym area at home. Do the simple exercises which are effective and also would save your time. And at the home, you would always do the simple workouts.Or, do yoga, which will surely boost your fitness.

A lazy person's guide to fitness in just 7 steps

Yoga heals the mind and body


One of the best tips to workout for a lazy person is to ditch the elevators. Instead of using the elevators for your workplace and home, you can use the stairs. This will help you stay in shape. Also, if you do not like to exercise at all, then you can walk up and down the stairs five to six times in a day. It is a great exercise.

A lazy person's guide to fitness in just 7 steps

Say NO to elevators, take the stairs.


You can also keep your weight in check by having some drinks which can increase your metabolism rate and would cut down the fat from your body. One drink is honey, lemon and warm water juice in the morning on empty stomach and the other drink is green tea. You just have to manage the food intake and your body will show some fabulous effects.

A lazy person's guide to fitness in just 7 steps

Green Tea contains natural antioxidants, which boosts our metabolism rate.



You need to check the carb intake in your body. It is not the fat which is making you fat but the more intake of the carbs. You need to check the carbs in every food which you are taking. You must eat the foods which are low on the carbs. This would help you stay fit, always.

A lazy person's guide to fitness in just 7 steps

Keep a check o the carbohydrates that you consume.


If you are extremely lazy and hate doing any kinds of exercise then one thing which is meant only for you is the walking therapy. You don’t have to do any kind of workouts and do not have to take out some extra time. You can simply walk few miles daily and this would definitely keep your weight in balance.

A lazy person's guide to fitness in just 7 steps

Walk regularly, to be fit.

These were some of the tips which every person who is lazy can adopt in their lifestyle to stay fit. You need to break the myth that going to the gym would only help you in reducing weight, or being on a diet can only reduce your weight. Just find out some easy ways which suit you because that is the only way that works. Visit Togedr to know about more ways to stay fit.

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