10 Amazing Trips you can take in India under Rs. 5k, 10k and 15k

Amazing Trips with the bug to travel biting more and more people, especially youngsters with some spare income or incredible planning skills and a lot of leisure time, India is turning into a haven for budget-travellers.

With picturesque towns and incredible cities, with gushing rivers and vast beaches, one might even be spoilt for choice looking for cheap tours to India.

Is the pressure to pick a place for your weekend trip stressing you out? Well, here is an endeavor to list down 10 affordable tour packages one can take around India depending on how much Motorola you have to spare!  

Amazing Trips

Let’s start with Rs. 5000 in your pocket. Here are some holiday packages under Rs. 5000 curated just for you:

  • Kanyakumari, Tamil Nadu

A coastal town at the southernmost tip of the country, Kanyakumari derives its name from the temple dedicated to Devi Kanya Kumari. The town is surrounded on three sides by the Indian Ocean and makes a great spot for a holiday package under Rs. 5000.

Enriched with history, this town is just a hop-skip-jump away from Trivandrum. It literally is one of the cheap holiday tour of India is Golden triangle tour india.

Holiday package under Rs. 5000 for Kanyakumari

Closest City: Trivandrum

Distance: 85 km.

Mode of transport: Cars are the best. If not, there are state transport buses that run frequently to and from Kanyakumari.

Stay: Hotel Temple Ci ti

Things to do: Wait by the Vivekananda Rock Memorial in the mornings to catch the rising sun.

Costs: Travel Rs. 250. Accommodation Rs. 1000 inwards. Misc. Rs. 800

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Art and Religion of traditional India

  • Hampi, Karnataka

Hampi, a city of beautiful ruins and a backpacker’s haven, lies on two sides of the Tungabhadra river. For those seeking an affordable tour package and interested in architecture, ruins, temples and history, this is a perfect weekend trip for you, especially if you stay in or around Bengaluru.

Holiday package under Rs. 5000 for Hampi

Closest City: Bengaluru

Distance: 340 km.

Mode of transport: State transport buses

Stay: Opt for a home stay

Things to do: Do indulge in some trekking or rock climbing at Hampi which is also called the shouldering capital of India. Visit the many ruins and ancient monuments.

Costs: Travel Rs. 250. Accommodation Rs. 500 inwards. Misc. Rs. 1000

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UNESCO: World Heritage Site

If you have a single spiritual bone in your body, Vrindavan will pique its interest then! And if not, Vrindavan will still cater to all 256 bones in your body.

A place of pilgrimage, it makes a great place for people-watching, capturing the sight of swans in the Yamuna river and soaking in the birthplace of Lord Krishna. A cheap travel destination from India, Vrindavan is driving distance from Delhi. There are many affordable tour packages available.

Holiday package under Rs. 5000 for Vrindavan

Closest City: Delhi

Distance: 164 km.

Mode of transport: State transport buses or train

Stay: Anamsa Residency

Things to do: Temple hopping

Costs: Travel Rs. 284. Accommodation Rs. 1000 onwards. Misc. Rs. 600

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The holy land of Lord Krishna.PC: Abhilasha Singh

  • Rishikesh, Uttarakhand

Situated on the banks of river Ganga, Rishikesh is the epitome of spirituality and coolness all at once especially after the music band, The Beatles visited it. Rishikesh has something for everyone – adventure seekers, religious souls, free spirits and those wanting some leisure time. Affordable tour packages are available by the dozen for this destination. Ask anyone and they will include Rishikesh in their cheap travel destinations from India list.

Holiday package under Rs. 5000 for Rishikesh

Closest City: Delhi

Distance: 225 km.

Mode of transport: Well connected by a network of state and private buses.

Stay: There are a host of backpackers’ options and ashrams

Things to do: Whitewater river rafting

Costs: Travel Rs.150 – Rs. 650. Accommodation Rs. 150 – Rs. 1000. Misc. Rs. 400

Have a little extra to spare and some more leisure time, how about trips under Rs. 10000? Tour packages below Rs. 10000 include the following destinations in India:

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Land of Lord Shiva

A well-tucked away valley in Arunachal Pradesh, this is one of the most remote, cut-out-from-the-world trips. Situated at an elevation of about 10000 feet, Tawang is untouched by humans.  It is pristine and peaceful – perfect for some leisure time and recuperating from the life of a city dweller. It is an affordable tour package. In fact, if you plan well this could easily be a holiday package under Rs. 5000.

Tour package below Rs. 10000 for Tawang

Closest City: Tezpur

Distance: 324 km.

Mode of transport: Buses starting from the railway station at Tezpur. A car trip here is not the best option.

Stay: Dolma Khangsar Guest House

Things to do: Visit the Tawang Buddhist Monastery, the tranquil Penga Teng Tso lake where migratory birds flock or the mesmerizing Nuranang falls.

Costs: Travel Rs. 400. Accommodation Rs. 1000. Misc. Rs. 1000

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The treasure house of Buddhism

  • Matheran, Maharashtra

Matheran, the affordable tour package, is the pinnacle of peace and a slow-paced life. It is one of the many cheap travel destinations from India which, forces you to spend some time amongst nature and enjoy its numerous tourist spots, restaurants and even shopping on account of its ‘no-car’ policy.

Tour package below Rs. 10000 for Matheran

Closest City: Mumbai / Pune

Distance: 80 km. / 125 km.

Mode of transport: A car trip from Mumbai or Pune. There is also the option of the toy train from Neral.

Stay: MTDC Resort

Things to do: It is full of ‘points’ worth visiting.

Costs: Travel Rs. 30 for the train + or / Rs. 400. Accommodation Rs. 1000. Misc. Rs. 300

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Unbeatable picturesque wild of Matheran

  • Spiti Valley, Himachal Pradesh

Spiti Valley is a desert mountain valley high up in the Himalayas. It is by far the most beautiful spots in the north. The approach to Spiti itself is a scenic and winding route – a route that leads to it being a cheap travel destination from India.

Tour package below Rs. 10000 for Spiti

Closest City: Manali

Distance: 196 km.

Mode of transport:  Private vehicle or state transport buses

Stay: Budget hotels are by the dozen

Things to do: Untouched by civilization, food and stay are a blast to your system. It is dotted with a few lakes, monasteries and national parks worth visiting.

Costs: Travel Rs. 250. Accommodation Rs. 700. Misc. Rs. 800

Hang on, did you just realize it was Rs. 15000 and not just Rs. 10000 that you could spare on a weekend trip and now need more options? Affordable tour packages under Rs. 15000 are aplenty. Here we go!

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Spiti Valley: The middle land.PC: Abhilasha Singh

Any ardent fan of the movies or a heavy tea drinker will be aware of the charms of Ooty, the hill station. Ooty is an experience hard-to-forget. A hop-skip-and-jump away from Coimbatore, it is one of the best weekend trips one can plan from Bengaluru. It is a cheap travel destination from India, especially south India.

Holiday package under Rs. 15000 for Ooty

Closest City: Coimbatore

Distance: 86 km.

Mode of transport: Train transits if a road trip does not appeal to you!

Stay: Budget stay homes

Things to do: Tea-gardens are a must-visit.

Costs: Travel Rs. 650. Accommodation Rs. 700. Misc. Rs. 800

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Gates of Heaven in Ooty.PC: Abhilasha Singh

  • Goa

There is nothing better than Goa when looking for affordable tour packages! A state full of eclectic beaches, quaint little shafts, casinos and an amazing nightlife, Goa is one of those trips that has something for everybody. Cheap travel destinations from India definitely has Goa on it.

Holiday package under Rs. 15000 for Goa

Closest City: Mumbai / Bengaluru

Distance:  587 km.

Mode of transport: A road trip to Goa is on many people’s wish list! Train journeys parallel to the coast make for a novel experience as well.

Stay: Shacks on the beach

Things to do: Relax, literally! Enjoy the beaches, spend some leisure time in the many laid-back shacks.

Costs: Travel Rs. 850. Accommodation Rs. 1700. Misc. Rs. 1800

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Party Destination Amazing Trips

Rich in culture and heritage, Jaisalmer offers the near-perfect experience of Rajasthan while remaining one of the many cheap travel destinations from India. Extend your trip if you can to include Jodhpur-Udaipur-Jaipur to this lot. There are many affordable tour packages available. Again, it I possible to visit a combination of these cities for tour packages below Rs. 10000.

Holiday package under Rs. 15000 for Jaisalmer

Closest City: Jodhpur

Distance:  285 km.

Mode of transport: There are 4 trains running from Jodhpur to Jaisalmer

Stay: Hotel Royal Stay

Things to do: Leave your print on the sand dunes!

Costs: Travel Rs.450. Accommodation Rs. 350 – Rs. 950. Misc. Rs. 1500

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Golden city of India

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