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About Tennis

Tennis is an outdoor plus an indoor sport. The game is played in singles between two players or in doubles between four players. It is a racket sport where the rackets are bigger in size and are durable and strong. Unlike badminton, which is also a racket game, in tennis you play with a tennis ball and not a feather cork. The player has to use the tennis racket to strike a ball around the net into the opponent’s court. The main aim or the goal of the game is to throw the ball with the racket in such a way that the opponent is not able to catch the ball and do the service in return. If the ball gets missed by the opponent, it is his loss.

This game was first played in Birmingham, England. And, now this is one of the most famous sports in whole world. There are various famous tennis tournaments which happen where most of the countries are represented. French Open, Australian Open, Wimbledon, US Open are some of the most famous tennis tournaments all over the world. Wimbledon tournament is the oldest tournament in the world and hence is the most popular one. People play tennis in the tennis courts or the tennis clubs as a leisure game and also as a fitness activity because the sport helps you stay fit and burns calories.

Learn the Tennis game strategy, game play, terms, and rules from best of the instructors in town. Book tennis courts, coaching centers, and classes near you at and explore! Attending the tennis classes ensure you a fitness activity daily along with enjoying some quality time. Learn the tactics of the game through some experienced tennis coach so that you become a pro in this sport for the lifetime and even you can participate in some local or National level tennis tournaments.

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