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Koramangala Indoor Stadium

Figurine Gym And Fitness Centre

B7 Sports Basketball Academy / Club

JP Nagar Cricket Academy

Team Matchless

Sniipers Sports Academy

Indiranagar Basketball Club

Genesis Centre For Aerobics & Dance

Talent Sports Academy

Freedom International School


About Basketball

Basketball is one of the most fast paced games in the world which involves running and chasing throughout. The game is played in groups and not individually. The players are supposed to chase and take the ball towards their court and put in inside their basket which is high above. The basketball courts are straighter and longer than any other courts and the players have to struggle to dab their balls continuously and take to their side. The major rule of the game involves dabbing the ball on the ground continuously and snatching it from other players to their side. The ball cannot be kicked or taken by the hands.

The game of basketball is also counted amongst one of the fitness games in which people participate for improving their fitness skills. Basketball burns calories massively as it involves continuous running. Basketball training is really fun as the teachers teach the trainees the skills to dump the ball inside the basket. A lot of jumping is involved in playing basketball so parents make their kids learn this sport as this can be beneficial in increasing their height. Basketball coaching helps them to take part in various inter school competitions and also other championships. Along with jumping, a lot of running is involved in the game which ensure you a fitter body.

It's go time! Live your passion and play Basketball in the best courts of the city. Book an academy or take Basketball classes; explore more at You can find some of the best basketball courts and basketball academies near you and play while getting your body toned.

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