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Rock Climbing in Bikaner

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Flying Fox / Zip-line + Rappelling
Starting from 15000
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Suru Fest - Day Pass

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1 Day
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Suru Fest - Event Pass

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Suru Fest - Event Pass
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About Rock Climbing

One of the most popular adventure sports in India is mountaineering or rock climbing. We have seen a massive rise amongst the women adventurers in the past few years who have enrolled themselves in rock climbing. Rock climbing or mountaineering is basically learning how to climb the mountains. The person is harnessed properly and has to go all the way up on the rock climbing wall or the mountain through ropes attached to his body. There are several hurdles which one faces like rough edges of the rock, slippery areas, fear or falling, string winds that disturb the wires, a pressure of the body to pull up and so much more. The person who stands against these odds is successful in climbing.

Mountain climbing in India is obviously famous in the Himalayas and the Himachal Pradesh area. But that does not mean that you cannot enjoy this activity in the other states. Rock climbing in India is popular in most of the places these days with the rise in its demand. Academies host training for such adventures and turn the enthusiasts into professionals. Be it on the fake rock climbing wall or a small edgy cliff, training are given everywhere. Water rappelling is a form of rock climbing where the person has to rappel along the water while being harnessed. It is equally entertaining as the force of water adds on to the excitement level.

Water Rappelling and Rock climbing are the popular adventure sports in India; suit up in your harness and fall free over a waterfall, while you're at it, experience Mountaineering as well for the ultimate adventure thrill. Book the adventure packages on and be a part of best fun adventures in India in your preferred city and in your desired budget. You can check out all the service providers that we have in the different cities and book the best one.

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