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Paramotoring In Sohna, Gurugram
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Paramotoring in Sohna, Gurugram
Paramotoring In Gurugram
EveningTeaser(3-4minutes) 1949
Paramotoring in Gurugram

About Paramotoring

Flying in the sky at your leisure is not a dream in this technological world. Yes, there are so many adventure sports which make it possible for everyone to stay up high in the sky. This involves a lot of mental pressure or rather high mental strength. These adventure sports increase the adrenaline rush to the fullest level. Just like parasailing, paragliding and more there is one more new adventure sport which is gaining importance in India these days and it is paramotoring. Paramotoring is an air safari sport and is basically a power paragliding. Yes, the power to stay in the sky generally doubles up and one can feel riding in the sky through this sport.

This sport is a form of ultraviolet aviation where the rider or the pilot has to wear a motor on his back. This motor provides minimum thrust which is required to take off using a paraglider. The fun part of this sport is that no one would be there to assist the pilots and everything has to be done alone by him. The launching of the motor pad can be done on the level ground or in the still air. One directly has to propel into the air with an engine from the flat ground surface. This air safari is totally different from paragliding and is considered the most enthralling sky sport ever.

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