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Cycling is one of the best activities to stay fit and healthy. Cycling can be done for exercise, as a sport, for recreational purposes and also for transport. It is a fitness activity or a sport which is also called as biking or bicycling. It is nothing different than just riding the bicycles which we used to do as a kid. Since, this was almost the first thing that we were taught when we kids, of course after crawling and walking, we are all aware of cycling in a good way. As we cross the teens, the habit of cycling is reduced as we get caught up in the work and also cycling is replaced by bikes. But, cycling should be a regular habit of everyone in their daily lives as it helps you stay fit, burn calories and stay in shape. Since a lot of body movement is involved in cycling, a person loses those extra pounds in the easiest way possible. The thigh muscles, belly fat and the lower body fat tends to lose a lot with the process of cycling.

Talking about cycling from the sport’s point of view, the cyclists not only drive the bicycles but also tricycles, quadracycles, and also some human powered vehicles. There are various cycling tournaments held on the National and International level where the various bike club participants take part. As a transport, cycle should be adopted more in everyone’s lifestyle as it does not create pollution plus keeps you fit.

You can find a bike club or plan a cycling tour around the city with your friends via togedr to get special prices. This would be one of the best things to do in the weekends. Also, you can make a regular activity of doing a cycling tour or bike trip with bicycle severy morning with your friends as a part of your daily fitness routine. This would definitely be fun.

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