About Us

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What we do

TOGEDR is a unique platform established for connecting people and adventures. We aim to be a single-stop-solution for all activity and adventure needs of people like us; the ones trapped in mundane routines and seeking an escapade, ones with their heart yearning for a life-changing experience but no time to plan it and even for the ones unsure of what they are seeking but are willing to experiment! Not only do we curate unique experiences that ensure that your once-in-a-lifetime adventure is worthwhile, we also bring them to you at the best possible prices.

Our story

Founded in 2016, Togedr is the brainchild of people like you, stuck in the 9 to 6 trap, but yearning to get out of it, to explore themselves and the world beyond their desks. We understand how ideas originate over drinks at a pub and die out by dreadful Monday mornings, how in the daily quest to impress our bosses, to pay the bills, to keep up appearances we repress the thoughts of bike trips or solo adventures; how on weekdays one dreams of being away from the humdrum and in the lap of nature but instead satiates oneself with the regular movie-and-dinner outings on weekends. And hence we wanted to be there, bringing those ideas and dreams just a click away and making sure that you can spend your precious time doing what you crave while we do all the planning! If you feel connected to our story, we are already one step closer to our mission. If you’d like to work with us or have an interesting idea to share, we’d love to hear from you.

Our mission and vision

Togedr strives to make adventure accessible at a click to anyone seeking it! Our endeavour is to build and service a community of passionate travellers who seek new adventures daily and are always eager to try new things. We aim at providing them access to hundreds of such activities that will invigorate their zest and keep this fire burning!!

Nalini Singh
Anil Patel
Animesh Ray
Ashish Yadav Founder & CEO
Rahul Khedkar Digital Marketing Head
Jeetender Singh Businss Development Head
Rahul Togedr
Rahul Kumar Business Deveolpment Manager
Abhishek Sharma Digital Marketing Executive
Jitender Mathur Corporate Sales Executive